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Zoominfo Vs Slintel

Both Zoominfo and Slintel give you contact information, company information, leads, business insights and more. It makes the buying decision difficult but here’s a few salient differences to help you make a more informed decision

Zoominfo Slintel
Data accuracy ~80% >95%
Contact Data Volume 100M+ 40M+
Technographics Zoominfo has limited technographic tracking. 40k+ technologies tracked across 35million companies
Business specific data Zoominfo datasets are consistently getting updated but independently from your business requirements. Slintels AI bots review your saved searches and automatically focus our data acquisition efforts to align with your business requirements.
Contract Renewal dates Zoominfo does not provide contract renewal information. Slintel provides contract renewal dates by technology and company, helping your sales team optimally time their outreach.
Executive Movements Zoominfo does not track hiring and movements of key executives. Slintel tracks movements of key executives across industries.
Historical Customer Movements Zoominfo does not provide this information. Slintel is the only company providing this information i.e. which business moved from provider A to B and when.

I could not be more pleased with my experience thus far with Slintel. Not only is their product easy-to-use and their data accurate, the team is always adding new features to make their tool even better. The team is knowledgeable and accommodating, and I have never come across a group of people more genuinely interested in helping customers as much as the team at Slintel. Thanks Slintel! Ashley Johnston - Marketing Director at HRTMS

Contact Database

Contact Database
While Zoominfo has the lead in the volume of its database, we are certain we have the most accurate and relevant data.

“Would you rather contact 50 leads/day with accurate email and dialing information or 100 leads/day with 50% accuracy?”

Slintel’s contact database is designed for sales and marketing professionals- It allows you to intelligently search for contacts based on customized lists and filter them by technologies, social insights, company financials and budgetary cycles. Our expert search functionality also gives additional filters like industry, location, company size, job title, and more. You can instantly export contacts or add them to a targeted list.


Slintel technographics are refreshed weekly, hence providing a higher level of accuracy than Zoominfo does. We provide multiple data points which help you make an informed sales pitch. We also capture technology and job insights; predictive insights such as buying preferences, contract renewal dates, financial insights, social and timing triggers help identify, prioritize and engage target accounts.

Discover buying behavior, usage, spend and contract renewal dates for over 40k technologies across 35million companies to answer the big question-

“Who is buying? Who is up for renewal? What will they buy next?”

No CC. No emails.

Lead Enrichment

Lead Enrichment
Slintel provides you with accurate and up-to-date lead information which helps them reach ideal prospects easily and efficiently. You can identify decision makers from your ideal company profiles, look up profiles based on titles or division, identify leads with high decision making power and buying power. We go out of the way to bring you the most relevant and refreshed contacts for the growth of your business. Even though Zoominfo has a larger database, Slintel is just as competent in terms of accuracy and regularly updated content. Zoominfo charges a significant premium for the same service and contacts, while we consistently deliver ROI on what we charge you at Slintel.


Smart Bots

Something exclusive to the Slintel platform is our AI bots; working 24x7 they get you the most relevant data points for your business. This is done in two ways, if you search using a particular filter and save the filter- the system will automatically prioritize that data subset and fetch you more data as time progresses. Secondly, you can also request for more data for any particular search using the button placed at the bottom of your search results.

ROI Delivered

Zoominfo gives you a lot of data, it’s true but does it believe in your business? At Slintel, we believe in delivering ROI on your purchase. Our direct sales rep will give you a breakdown of what returns you can expect based on your product, pricing, sales targets and conversion rates. You can buy with confidence that our success manager will then walk you through the dashboard, understand your business proposition and ensure that your team uses Slintel to its full potential. We will hand hold you and your team to help you get relevant meetings and demos consistently.

Wow, that is amazing how fast you guys responded and added what I asked for. Thank you! Having these data points on the company profile like you added as well as others like revenue and state are good to have when profiling a company.
Nice work gentleman, you guys are a testament to great customer service. Mark Long - Cadient Talent

Competitor Insights

You can use Slintel to accurately and actively track your competitors. You get accurate contact information, funding details, technographics, hiring details and personnel movements.
“What technologies they are using?”, “Who are their clients?”, “When are their contracts up for renewal?”
Write to us or chat with us if you want a FREE snapshot of the data that we have on your competitors and potential clients.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration with Slintel is as easy as clicking a button. We provide seamless transfer of leads from the Slintel platform to your Salesforce account so that you don't have to switch between different software. Auto enrichment of data is also available; so you can refresh and enrich all your existing leads on Salesforce, from the Sintel platform directly.

Frequently Asked Questions about zoominfo

What does Zoominfo do?

Zoominfo is a Saas (software as a service) company which sells access to their database for a subscription-based fee. The database has information about businesses and people, and they sell this information to Sales, Marketing, Recruitment professionals.

Who owns Zoominfo?

In Feb of 2019, DiscoverOrg acquired Zoominfo. The current CEO for Zoominfo is now Henry Schuck.

Where does Zoominfo get their data?

Zoominfo collects data mainly by website crawling and gathering data like name, email, direct dial phone number, LinkedIn profiles, etc from email plugins that collect signatures.

How much does Zoominfo cost?

Zoominfo doesn't reveal their prices online, as most of the Lead generation companies. However, we have gathered the below from reviews of users:

$4900 for ~5000 contacts for 1 user

$4900 for ~4000contacts for 2 users

$4900 for ~3000 contacts for 3 users

How accurate is Zoominfo?

According to average user reviews, Zoominfo’s information is ~80% accurate. Customers have said that their contact database is sometimes not up to date and needs to be frequently updated as the data on their platform is old.

When was Zoominfo acquired?

Zoominfo was acquired in Feb 2019 by DiscoverOrg for $500 million.

Is Zoominfo Legal?

Yes, since Zoominfo only takes contact details from web crawling and email signatures, they are legal. They do not gather consumer or credit information about a person and is only interested in their professional profile.

What is Zoominfo Community Edition?

The community edition of Zoominfo is a free service provided by Zoominfo. They give you 10 free leads a month for Microsoft Outlook users, in exchange for the users sharing their contacts with Zoominfo. Users should have an Outlook account, and they will need to download and install a plugin that will allow them to share their contacts with Zoominfo.

How to remove your information from Zoominfo?

Zoominfo’s Privacy Policy stated that you can remove your information from their website by visiting: or you can also email