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ZoomInfo (vs) Slintel

ZoomInfo and Slintel are both built to help you obtain company and lead insights, but what makes Slintel the best alternative to ZoomInfo? While ZoomInfo offers the largest contact and company database, it lacks the necessary quality, comprehensiveness and accuracy. Making the upgrade to Slintel’s cutting-edge thematic and technographic powered buyer intent gives you the most comprehensive and well defined data in the market. This allows businesses to achieve a whole new level of efficiency and relevance for their sales and marketing processes. Let us compare the advantages of using ZoomInfo and Slintel to gain a deeper understanding.


  • Largest contact and company database

  • Automated Workflows

  • Custom Platform for enterprises

  • Partner API access

  • More native integrations


  • Thematic & technographic buyer intent

  • Buyer Propensity scores

  • Keyword intent data

  • Contract renewal insights

  • Competitor comparison and insights

Why Slintel?

Every organization needs a software that takes care of identifying, discovering, and segmenting high-intent prospects across their target market. Running behind people who do not have a valid use-case for your product/service only ends up wasting your time and effort.

Imagine having a product that can pinpoint the prospects that are looking for a product like yours today. Slintel is that product. Contact us to learn more.


60% more meetings booked

Understand your prospects’ business needs and pain points better to improve your messaging and sales pitches.


35% decrease in research time

Get instant access to the firmographic, technographic, and lead insights of your target companies.


3x increase in response rate

Create personalized outreach emails based on Slintel’s comprehensive analysis of your target prospects to improve response rates.


4 hours/day saved by every resource

Avoid wasting time pursuing low-intent prospects and build automated smart lists of companies and leads.

Our Customers
Slintel is trusted by sales and marketing teams across the globe
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Our Data
Slintel uses pattern recognition, code snippets on websites, social media profiles, job descriptions, keywords, and several other signals to determine technographic and firmographic insights. Our proprietary three step verification process combined with our data-mining algorithm is built to weed out inaccurate and inconsistent data from the platform and provide reliable, quality insights for your organization.
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40 K+
180 M+






Our Products
All you’ll ever need for your sales discovery and lead generation
Use information on competitors’ customers and prospect technology purchases to find high-intent buyers
Understand your target company’s tech-stack, employees, growth, and current status.
Keyword Intent
Understand your target company’s tech-stack, employees, growth, and current status.
Lead Insights
Find rich, accurate information about leads including their email, direct-dial, and other contact information.
Powering Sales and Marketing Teams
Talk to us, we won’t bite!
ZoomInfo FAQ

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company that provides access to leads, company insights, technographic information, and other such data for a subscription-based fee. The company sells this information primarily to Sales, Marketing, Recruitment professionals.

Slintel is a lead enrichment and sales/market intelligence tool that unearths thematic, technographic and firmographic powered buyer intent data that helps you revitalize your sales, marketing and recruitment processes.

Who owns ZoomInfo?

In Feb of 2019, DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo. Henry Schuck is the current CEO of ZoomInfo.

From where does ZoomInfo get its data?

ZoomInfo collects data mainly by crawling websites and gathering information like the employees’ names, email addresses, direct-dial phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, etc. The company also collects information from email signatures, and might also have partnerships with third-party vendors to gather data around funding information, more email IDs, and other contact information.

Slintel obtains its data through cutting-edge thematic, technographic and firmographic segmentation processes, in combination with other indicators including buying patterns, digital footprints and keyword intent that yield the most well-defined, comprehensive, and accurate actionable insights in the market.

How much is ZoomInfo per month?

ZoomInfo doesn't reveal the pricing for its plans online, just like most other lead generation companies in the market. However, here’s some information that we have gathered based on reviews from ZoomInfo users:

Entry Level Plan (No access to technographics or intent data)
Starts at $16,000/year for ~25,000 exports and 1 user Note: Users have reported that this plan can be negotiated down to $8,000/year, but with reduced credits (~15000 exports)

Premium Plan (Includes access to technographics, intent data, and other add-ons)
Starts at $25,000/year for ~25,000 exports and 1 user

Slintel offers inclusive plans that cater to every businesses needs, be it SMBs or enterprise level organizations.

How reliable is ZoomInfo?

According to average user reviews, ZoomInfo’s information is ~80% accurate. Some customers have reported that their contact database is sometimes not up to date and needs to be frequently updated.

Slintel updates its data on a weekly basis, meaning your data is highly accurate and relevant with none to negligible bounce rates. In addition, Slintel provides 24/7 live rep support which means that in the off-chance that your data isn’t up-to-date or is missing from our database, we’ll have it up and running on your request.

When was ZoomInfo acquired?

ZoomInfo was acquired in February 2019 by DiscoverOrg for $500 million.

Is ZoomInfo Legal?

Yes, since ZoomInfo scrapes contact information and other insights by crawling websites and email signatures, it is completely legal. ZoomInfo’s platform does not gather personal, consumer, or credit information about a person and is only interested in their professional profiles.

What is ZoomInfo Community Edition?

The Community Edition of ZoomInfo is a free service provided by the company for certain users. ZoomInfo gives 10 free leads a month for Microsoft Outlook users in exchange for the users sharing their contacts with ZoomInfo. Users need to have an Outlook account to be eligible for this, and they will need to download and install a plugin that will allow them to share their contacts with ZoomInfo.

How do I remove my information from ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo’s Privacy Policy states that you can remove your information from their website by visiting: https://www.zoominfo.com/update/remove or by sending an email to remove@zoominfo.com.