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#48 Google fined $592M & Saying NO to no-shows
#47 4-day work-week & Unicorn cloud kitchens 🦄
#46 Malcolm Gladwell for Facebook's new newsletter 📱
#45 [PRIDE Edition] & $543M to rid the world of passwords
#44 The Official Netflix Merch Shop, How to Think About SPIFFs
#43 Apple at WWDC: Checkmate for B2B Sales & Marketing?
#42 Gong raises $250M🤑; 5 Min Rule for Lead Response
#41 LinkedIn’s Weekly Invitation Limit Went Down👇
#40 Marketing vs Sales
#39 Apple software maker's new security deal & top 60 sales podcasts
#38 💰Goldman Sachs + Bitcoin, New CEO at TikTok
#37 Sequoia acquires, top 50 workspaces & April for self-care
#36 SpaceX adds $1.2B, Salesforce's launch & Clubhouse at 3x valuation
#35 $1B Funding for Fortnite Makers, Spotify Launches 'Car Thing'
#34 Apple's Investments, Well's Fargo's Earnings
#33 Facebook buys Giphy & quick responses for your company
#32 Equity Crowdfunding + Snap Inc. signs Fit Analytics
#31 Stripe's at $95 Billion now.
#30 First Snap, Now Reddit? 🏃
#29 Clubhouse for Android, Netflix reels and Best of Feb'21
#28 Tencent adds $8.3B, Jellyfish buys 5 firms & the 'Friday' sales charm
#27 $850 million more for Elon Musk, why 1:1s matter, and more
#26 Reddit Gets $250M, Bumble's IPO & Power of Awkward Silences
#25 Insider's Series C, HubSpot Acquires 📈 & 12 ABE Sales Plays
#24 Pinterest's AR Trial Rooms + Hottest Sales Podcasts for You
#23 Netflix's Buybacks, Cisco's $4.5 Billion Deal & LinkedIn Branding Lessons
#22 Walmart's Startup Venture, Side Effects of Hypergrowth and more
#21 Google's $12B deal, Roblox's IPO and our 21st in '21
#20 Ever raised $100 Million with no pitch-deck? They did.
#19 Crypto-Renting, Unicorns & Finale of 2021 SaaS Trends
#18 """Alexa, drive me to my favorite café today.""☕""
#17 Brace yourself✋
#16 Ready to gobble up this #2 SaaS trend for your company?🦃
#15 SaaS Trends You Should Watch Out for 👀
#14 Getting Rid Of ""Franken-Decks"" & Old PPTs
#13 Have You Got That Follow-Up Hustle?
#12 How would YOU sell to Thanos?
#11 The Logic Behind SaaS Discounting
#10 Wolf Of Wall Street Type Selling, MiniSo Raising $532, Aggressive Selling and more...
#9 Timing Your Pricing Right, Zynga Takes Another, and more inside
#8 Using ""Discounting"" as an effective sales strategy, GoFundMe raising $625 Million, and more
#7 Bad Grammar Nightmares, Bethesda Acquisition & Amwell's 42% IPO spike
#6 😱Jane Fraser, 👊Smashing the Glass Ceiling, and 😎 Negotiating At The Close
#5 🧱 Legos, 😒 Discomfort and 🏠 AirBnB's IPO, what do we have here?
#4 📈Rise in Salesforce shares, 😨 Overcoming end-of-quarter jitters, 👿 Insider Threats
#3 🤔 The Michael's appointing Michael, ⌨️ Low Code/No Code, 👁️‍🗨️Design Thinking and more
#2 🛫Rise of NaaS, SpaceX funding, and more
#1 SaaS stock bloat, Zynga's new acquisition, and more

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