Discover customers, not prospects

Reaching out to hundreds of prospects and hoping that someone on that list makes a purchase is no way to sell in today’s market. Turn the odds in your favor by getting data-backed insights that can help you find your next customer.

Get rich, up-to-date information on your leads

Knowing your prospects’ pain-points, preferences, and needs before talking to them plays a crucial role in closing deals. Use insights to build successful, long-standing relationships with your prospects by understanding them better right from the get-go.

Find your competitor’s customers

Discover companies that are currently using your competitor’s product and build a pitch that is specifically catered to capture their attention. Who doesn’t want segmented lists of buyers that have upcoming renewals with a rival?

Uncover insights that are hidden in plain sight

Know more about your prospects’ technology stack and how your product can fit into their current ecosystem before heading into every sales meeting. A full list of the software products they use is accessible for your use at any time.

Build a killer pitch

Use company, technology, and lead insights to build an impactful sales pitch and improve deal conversions. Showing how your product or service can make your prospect’s life better just got a lot easier.

Aaron Drummond, Sales Manager, place

Slintel provides an easy tool to break out the companies we need to target

We have had a great relationship with the team for 3 years now and every day the software grows. We target specific companies with unique technologies and Slintel provides an easy tool to break out the companies we need to target which gets us back to outreach as fast as possible.

Aaron Drummond

Sales Manager

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