Discover customers, not prospects

Reaching out to hundreds of prospects and hoping that someone on that list makes a purchase is no way to sell in today’s market. Turn the odds in your favor by getting data-backed insights that can help you find your next customer.

Bolster your ABM strategy

Get all the insights you need around a company’s growth metrics, funding information, interests, tech stack, and thematic messaging to set up personalized account-based marketing campaigns. Slintel will be the Robin to your Batman, assisting you with everything you need for your ABM strategy.

Competitor Insights

Perform intensive competitor analysis and get deep insights on other companies in your industry. Discover their customers, understand their software stack, keep an eye on who they’re hiring, and get news alerts on what they’ve been up to. You’ll never have to worry about them going out of sight ever again.

Know everything about your prospects

Integrate Slintel’s database with your CRM of choice and use automated enrichment workflows to obtain insights on your leads’ location, decision making authority, tech stack, and contact information. The BDRs in your company attending to inbound leads will never, ever have to fly blind in their discovery calls.

Add a dollop of foresight to your email marketing

Don’t restrict your email marketing strategy to just nurturing leads and lost prospects or sending email blasts to large, unsegmented lead lists. Understand contract renewal cycles, buying intent, and prospect technology stacks to create targeted segments that will actually convert.

Aaron Drummond, Sales Manager, place

Slintel has helped us generate multiple high-quality leads and grow our revenue

They've been more a partner than a vendor, often helping generate ideas to target specific market segments and designations, and building out custom feature requests at light speed.

Pradyumna Vajjah

Marketing Manager

Looking for active buyers for your business?