3 reasons to choose Slintel

All the data that your sales and marketing functions need to acquire revenue and the expertise to help you do so.

  • 1

    We have all the data you need

    All in one place - company, contact, technology, job postings, psychographics, and intent data

  • 2

    We have the tech to make sure it’s accurate

    We refresh our data as quickly as possible and we’ll find you the most up-to-date contact info of a lead

  • 3

    We have the expertise to help you scale fast

    Our sales and customer success teams provide advice and support to our customers

See why 1000s of businesses use Slintel to drive revenue

Do you know who’s ready to buy from you?

Buyers are more sophisticated, active, and discerning than ever - it’s a buyer’s world, and nowhere is it more obvious than in tech. So, you need to be on top of your A-game to make an impression and close the deal. Your conversations need to be personalized, they need to be timely and they need to be had with the right buyer. The who, the what, and the when need to be on point for you to succeed in today’s buyer market.

1. Know who to talk to

Identify high-intent, active buyers in your target market through 60+ filters that include: -

  • Technographics (who’s using what technology)
  • Firmographics data
  • Psychographic data (themes and topics of interest for both companies and people)
  • People data (lead title/location, seniority filter, etc.,)

Slintel also compiles contact data for 286M+ leads in 14.5M+ companies so once you know which accounts you want to target, you can also target the right decision-makers in those accounts.

Other sales intelligence software in the market offer a mix of these aspects - search intent that isn’t always accurate (an intern could be doing research) and is too late into the buying process or psychographic data that doesn’t help personalize a pitch.

2. Know when to talk to them

Prioritize high-intent accounts, accounts that show all the signs of buying even before they start doing the research, with the Slintel buyer intent score. The score is drawn from six fundamental signals:

  • Funding
  • Company growth
  • Technological investments

It is a good indicator of the company’s intentions to invest in a solution. You can keep on top of funding, acquisition, and growth announcements for these key accounts through Slintel so you know when to strike. You can receive regular updates on companies and technologies of interest through email and Slack - this way, you know when the iron is hot.

Other sales and marketing intelligence software in the market offer search intent (it’s too late in the game) to help you prioritize accounts. You might need to subscribe to multiple tools and do a lot of work yourself to receive the kind of updates that are just a fingertip away with Slintel.

3. Know what to say

Personalize your pitches and email campaigns by leveraging Slintel’s account and people's psychographics. Slintel tracks keywords, themes, and topics of interest that a company mentions in its digital real estate (website, social media, open job postings) so you can look up what a company cares about.

You can also look up a lead’s interests and skills before your first conversation so you can go in, swinging with your talking points.

Other sales and marketing intelligence software in the market don’t offer relevant psychographic data as Slintel does.