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Compare Seamless.AI and Slintel

A quick review of Seamless.AI will tell you that the product does a great job of providing verified contact info while also helping you find company and technographic information. However, there’s a lot more you could get in addition to that if you used Slintel instead. Let’s see how Seamless.AI and Slintel compare against each other.


  • Emails, direct-dials, and basic company insights

  • 10-Step email verification engine

  • Direct CRM integration

  • Real-time people search engine

  • Filters to build B2B lists instantly


  • Contact info and advanced tech/firmographic insights

  • High-accuracy filters for emails

  • CRM integration with enrichment

  • Contract renewals and revenue information

  • Dynamically updated Smart Lists

  • Personalized buying intent scores

Why Slintel?

Every organization needs a software that takes care of identifying, discovering, and segmenting high-intent prospects across their target market. Running behind people who do not have a valid use-case for your product/service only ends up wasting your time and effort.

Imagine having a product that can pinpoint the prospects that are looking for a product like yours today. Slintel is that product. Contact us to learn more.


60% more meetings booked

Understanding your prospects’ business needs and pain points improves your messaging and sales pitches


35% decrease in research time

Access to firmographic, technographic, and lead insights on your target companies helps you go to market faster


3x increase in response rate

Creating personalized outreach emails based on Slintel’s comprehensive analysis improves response rates


4 hours/day saved by every resource

Avoiding pursuit of low-intent prospects and building automated smart lists of companies and leads saves time

Our Customers
Slintel is trusted by sales and marketing teams across the globe
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Our Data
Slintel uses pattern recognition, code snippets on websites, social media profiles, job descriptions, keywords, and several other signals to determine technographic and firmographic insights. Our proprietary three step verification process combined with our data-mining algorithm is built to weed out inaccurate and inconsistent data from the platform and provide reliable, quality insights for your organization.
100 B+
40 K+
180 M+






Our Products
All you’ll ever need for your sales discovery and lead generation
Use information on competitors’ customers and prospect technology purchases to find high-intent buyers
Understand your target company’s tech-stack, employees, growth, and current status.
Keyword Intent
Understand your target company’s tech-stack, employees, growth, and current status.
Lead Insights
Find rich, accurate information about leads including their email, direct-dial, and other contact information.
Don’t click the big red button!
It might solve all your prospecting and pipeline problems😨
Seamless.AI FAQs

What is Seamless.AI?

Seamless.AI is a platform that allows companies to find email and direct-dial information of prospects and target accounts in real-time. In addition to providing contact information, it also allows you to get basic insights on prospects and companies.

Who is the CEO of Seamless.AI?

Brandon Bornancin currently serves as the founder and CEO at Seamless.AI.

From where does Seamless.AI get its data?

Seamless.AI uses a multitude of sources to get its data. For one, Seamless.AI’s real-time email verification engine can help the company use different combinations to find which email address is valid for a particular contact. In addition to that, the company also uses partnerships with third-party vendors to build its directory of contacts, direct dial information, and company profiles, and may also get these insights from scraping public sources such as blogs, email signatures, or press releases.

How much does Seamless.AI cost?

While the product is sold at prices as low as $65/month/licence (for enterprise accounts that purchase 15+ license), Seamless.AI is priced at approximately $1164/license annually or $125/license monthly

How reliable is Seamless.AI?

From a data verification standpoint, Seamless.AI promises 95% accuracy, thanks to its is considered to be fairly reliable by users, with 80% of G2 reviewers

Is Seamless.AI legal?

Yes, it is. Seamless.AI is GDPR and CCPA aligned, and processes personal data with legal obligations and legitimate business interests relating to compliance with laws/regulations in mind.

How do I remove my information from Seamless.AI?

If you would like to remove an individual profile from Seamless.AI’s directory, you will need to email [email protected] with subject line “Remove.” Upon doing this, your name, employment history, web references, and contact information including email address will be removed from Seamless.AI’s search results. Note that Seamless.AI does not remove company information or insights from its database unless required by law to do so.