Objections are expected, every buyer will have some. It’s imperative that these objections are handled correctly if you want to close.

Objection handling is a key skill that’s essential in building relations with your prospects. In fact, the top-performing sales professionals are exceptional at it. 

So, here are 5 objection handling templates that will help you overcome them.

While these templates are quite similar at their core (helping you handle objections in an orderly manner), the approach each template takes to reach a resolution is unique.  

We understand that every salesperson is different in their own ways, so feel free to use any of these templates as you see fit. 

Our templates consist of five methods you can use to answer any raised objections.

Topics covered:

  • LAARC - Listen, Acknowledge, Assess, Respond, Confirm.

  • LAIR - Listen, Acknowledge, Identify objection, Reverse it.

  • LACE - Listen Accept, Commit, Explicit Action

  • Feel, Felt, Found - An emotional approach to resolving objections

  • FUD - Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt.

Other Templates

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