The importance of a sales call can never be overstated, they are the bread and butter of every salesperson. So take 5 minutes before your call to ensure everything’s in order with our Pre-sales call checklist

Keeping in touch with several of your prospects through various channels can get confusing sometimes, and the last thing you want is to mix those up.

We’ve made a short template for you to fill out, it contains just the essential information you need right before hopping on a call. 

This template contains the following assets for you to store notes of information that you can read at a glance.

How does this template help?

  • Account Data - Get a quick look at the account you’re about to talk with, like the company name, industry, and potential size of the deal

  • Lead Information - Know exactly who you’re talking to & their role within the company, you can even assess their buying power. Note down some personal anecdotes handy for the small talk

  • Call Agendas - Mention the agendas for the call, you can use this sheet to keep the call on track and guide it from one agenda to the next seamlessly. 

  • Key points - Use this space to jot down the essential points you’d want to emphasize within the call to avoid forgetting.

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