The sales world would have you believe that the essential part of any sales journey would be the art of closing a deal. However, it is equally important, how you start. 

Yet, the closure of any deal is dependent on the leads that you have in your hands. Pursuing the most viable list of prospects with the needs, budget and authority is a winning recipe for closing deals. 

Therefore, we have created an effective lead qualification template that will ensure that the leads you generate fall into your ideal customer profile (ICP).

There are 5-lead qualification frameworks you can use and even add to your sales CRM.

Templates available:

  • BANT - The BANT framework is an age-old framework that helps your team get started quickly and efficiently. 

  • ANUM - ANUM flips the switch on the BANT framework and focuses on the decision-makers and challenges of your prospects.

  • CHAMP - CHAMP is quite similar to BANT and ANUM but here timing is a part of prioritization and budget is given a low priority while qualifying your leads. 

  • MEDDIC - MEDDIC is a comprehensive framework that focuses heavily on the customer’s pain points and challenges before qualifying them as opportunities. The process is extremely popular in large companies and enterprises.

  • GPCTBA/C&I - GPCTBA/C&I is a framework introduced by HubSpot and it focuses on learning everything you can about your prospects to qualify leads. It’s probably the most comprehensive lead qualification framework that you can find available around. 

Other Templates

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