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How MyLife Generates More Leads and Opportunities Using Slintel

MyLife's outbound lead generation team has been able to not just save a lot of time, but also 2.5x the number of opportunities they generate on a monthly basis, all thanks to Slintel. Read about their experience in this featured customer story.

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Elizabeth Flores
Business Development Specialist
Information brokerage firm
Use Case
My role has to do a lot with outreach which is why Slintel is such a pivotal and useful resource. Slintel has been very helpful within that process, providing the adequate data we need for our team. The data is very precise and we’re really impressed with the continuous updates that Slintel regularly provides us.
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  • Inaccurate, outdated, or limited information during the outbound processes.
  • Lack of access to any available leads and contact information of key decision-makers in their target industries proved to be a stumbling block.
  • Access to actionable information, insights and
  • Reliable contact information of high-intent key decision-makers
  • Major drop in the research time.
  • All-in-one solution that has transformed customer success and outbound processes.

About MyLife

Founded by Jeffery Tinsley, MyLife is an American reputation and background information brokerage firm. MyLife generates public profile pages by gathering personal data from various sources such as public records, court records and personal reviews. MyLife’s proprietary Reputation Profiles & Scores enable people to manage and monitor reputations, enhancing the safety and trustworthiness of consumers and marketplaces

Business Needs / Challenges

The MyLife Business Development team constantly had to deal with the issue of inaccurate, outdated or limited information during their outbound processes. On top of this, the lack of access to any available leads and contact information of key decision makers in their target industries proved to be a stumbling block. As a result, they began looking for a platform that would help them obtain thorough information that they could use to aid their outbound productivity. They were searching for an all-in-one solution that included everything from accurate contact info to in-depth actionable insights into specific target companies and their tech stacks.

Elizabeth Flores, Business Development Specialist at MyLife says


We scouted various other alternatives only to find that they didn't have the necessary information we were looking for or the reliability to back their information.

Solutions Offered by Slintel

Slintel provided MyLife with access to actionable information, insights and reliable contact information of high-intent key decision makers that wasn’t available on other platforms. In terms of the research process, MyLife’s Sales and Customer Success departments have completely transformed their game, cutting their research processes by more than half. Prior to using Slintel, the majority of the time there wasn’t enough information for the sales team to rely on.


Increase in call and connections


Saved by Every Resource


Increase In Net New Prospects and Opportunities

Elizabeth says---
Slintel just has so much information, including data about companies that we never had access to before. Having more insights was very important to us because a lot of times when we’re doing outbound, we don’t know too much about the particular person we’re interacting with and the technologies their companies are using. Having a lot more information about the people we are pitching to was a pivotal aspect that made us choose Slintel.

With in-depth contact info, company and lead insights, and other information including thematic, technographic, and firmographic data of over 184 million decision makers across 16 million organizations, Slintel serves as an all-in-one solution that has transformed the customer success and outbound processes at MyLife.

Results & Benefits

Slintel has not only helped MyLife save a lot of time but has also helped them find the right people and personalize their outbound and customer success processes. MyLife went from getting 10 leads or less every month to over 25 leads a month since incorporating Slintel into their outbound processes. Slintel ensures that actionable data is continuously woven into various operations at MyLife, enabling comprehensive data-backed decision making

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Decrease in reach time


Decrease in research time

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Increase in response rates

60% More meeting booked


More meetings booked

2X Increase in win rates


Increase in win rates

Computer Software

I've used multiple systems including a lot of Slintel’s competitors in the past. The data we were looking for, tech landscape and company and contact data, was always scattered. Slintel is the one platform that combines ALL these things."

Nabras Mohammed

Business Development Lead, Whatfix


More meetings booked


Growth in pipeline

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Computer Software

"Slintel has been essential for our department in freeing up time and saving money. With Slintel, my team has been able to build lead lists with 5000 leads and more in minutes. This is so much quicker than they were able to before and with greater accuracy."

Liz Oz

Head of Marketing, AlwaysAI


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IT Services

“Slintel helps me clean out my funnel pipeline and figure out which companies I should be going after and which I shouldn't. It's a big game changer in terms of focusing on the right leads at the right time.”

Ross Cordio

Business Development Manager, Cloud Pathfinder


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