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How Lunas Tech Consulting uses Slintel's technographic data to propel themselves forward

It was crucial for Robyn Orsini, CEO of Lunas Consulting to be using quality lead generation software to provide accurate leads for clients and help to generate sales. With Slintel, her customer 3xed their meetings in no time, and now, Robyn can't imagine a li...fe without Slintel. Read on to know more about how Slintel helped Lunas Consulting. Know how Robyn Orsini lands quality leads that are both fresh and accurate: A Slintel Success Story. Read more

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Robyn Orsini
CEO of Lunas Consulting
Sales and Lead Generation Agency, Accurate Lead Generation
Industry Use Case
Without Slintel, we would probably not be in business, because the main thing that we need to have is quality leads. So we can't imagine a life without Slintel. Right now, we really need it in order for our business to succeed and for all of our clients
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    Sole Proprietorship
  • Country
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Sector
    Sales and Lead Generation Agency
  • Headquarters
    Toronto, Ontario M6P 1Z2, CA
  • Key Industry
    Advertising Services
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  • Landing quality leads that are both fresh and accurate
  • Not spending a lot of time manually in acquiring these leads
  • Large coverage of data
  • Rich Data
  • Easy to use platform
  • Data is fresh and valid
  • Technographics feature

About Lunas Consulting

Quality is what Robyn wanted, and quality is what she got… Lunas Tech Consulting is a sales and lead generation agency that helps startups with their revenue growth. It was hence crucial for her and her team to be using quality lead generation software to provide accurate leads for clients and help to generate sales.


In fact, one of Robyn's clients 3Xed their meeting numbers after Lunas Tech started using Slintel

Business Needs / Challenges

  • As a sales & lead generation agency, Robyn's team had difficulties qualifying leads for their clients and getting quality leads
  • Doing this manually was a lot of work and not scalable.

Solutions Offered by Slintel


It's definitely a must-have in our company, there's a lot of things that I really love about Slintel and why we choose it over other software

  • First, we need a large coverage of data as our clients are scattered across the globe, and Slintel gave us just that.
  • Second, it was vital for us to have data that is very rich, and Slintel has that, so that's one of the things that we really, really love.
  • Third, the platform is also super easy to use, not complicated at all.
  • Fourth, the data is fresh and valid, which is really helpful for us and our clients.
  • Fifth, and lastly, we really, really love their Technographics feature, we have seen a huge improvement of results just from using that across the board for all of our clients.

Resulted Outcome


Increase in meeting Booked

Slintel made it into Robyn's must-have software list

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Decrease in reach time


Decrease in research time

3X Increase in response rate


Increase in response rates

60% More meeting booked


More meetings booked

2X Increase in win rates


Increase in win rates

Computer Software

I've used multiple systems including a lot of Slintel’s competitors in the past. The data we were looking for, tech landscape and company and contact data, was always scattered. Slintel is the one platform that combines ALL these things."

Nabras Mohammed

Business Development Lead, Whatfix


More meetings booked


Growth in pipeline

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Computer Software

"Slintel has been essential for our department in freeing up time and saving money. With Slintel, my team has been able to build lead lists with 5000 leads and more in minutes. This is so much quicker than they were able to before and with greater accuracy."

Liz Oz

Head of Marketing, AlwaysAI


More meetings booked


Growth in pipeline

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IT Services

“Slintel helps me clean out my funnel pipeline and figure out which companies I should be going after and which I shouldn't. It's a big game changer in terms of focusing on the right leads at the right time.”

Ross Cordio

Business Development Manager, Cloud Pathfinder


More meetings booked


Growth in pipeline

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