RainKing (vs) Slintel

Both RainKing and Slintel give you contact and company information, leads, business insights and more. Making the buying decision understandably difficult. Here are a few advantages of each-

RainKing Advantages

  • Sponsored Distribution

  • Budget Management

  • In-depth profiles

  • Access to research unit

  • Acquired by DiscoverOrg in 2017

Slintel Advantages

  • Powerful technographic data

  • Buyer propensity scores

  • Contract renewals

  • Competitor insights

  • Full Access Platform for all users

Why Slintel?

Every language has an alphabet but communication is only possible by using the alphabet to form words, in turn, the words to form sentences. Similarly, our data is our alphabet and our focus is on processing that data to give you concrete information. Too much information is no better than no information at all, which is why we then segment this vast mass of information to show you what’s relevant to your business goals.

We build rich algorithms to discover, store, process and segment data to power your business!

60% Uplift in Meetings booked

Understanding your prospect’s business is paramount to making a great sales pitch. Better pitches lead to more meetings! We help you understand more, faster.

35% Reduction in research time

Firmographic and Technographic data coupled with contact info. of decision makers, all within one platform. This means a lot more time for you to actually market and sell your product.

Time your outreach to Perfection

Strike the iron when it’s hot- with alerts on businesses who are likely to purchase your product now! Derived from factors such as funding, hiring, purchases and buying patterns.

Bye-bye spam, Hello relevancy

Every company gets hundreds of emails from people selling them the moon and more. Most don’t reach the right inbox. Slintel finds you the right companies and the right decision makers.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

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Our Data

We purchase some data from reliable partners while most of our data is gathered by large scale web capture tools that track data. We run this at instances on scheduled intervals depending on the type of data and the importance of recency for said data. For eg., We track technology movements daily and publish them weekly, while business executive movements are tracked weekly and published bi-weekly. We consistently strive to maintain the best quality of data for your business- our data is first processed by internal algorithms, they then undergo external validation from third-party verifiers and a final round of in-house human verification before it’s finally delivered to you.

75 M+


  • Emails

  • Linkedin

  • Designation

  • Function

100 B+

Data Points
refreshed weekly

25 K+

Technologies tracked
across 17m companies



Technographics is our core competency. We provide multiple data points that help you make an informed sales pitch. We capture technology and job insights; predictive insights such as buying preferences, contract renewal dates, financial insights, social and timing triggers help identify, prioritize and engage target accounts. Data is updated on a regular basis, providing more accuracy and recency than other providers.

Company Tech Stacks

Competitor insights

Utilizing our technographic data, Slintel helps you actively track your competitors. You get accurate contact information, funding details, technographics, hiring, and personnel movements and more.

What technologies are our competitors using?
Who are their clients?
Are their contracts up for renewal?

Market Share Insights

    Competitor insights


    We scour the web for the most recent information about companies from across the world. You will get regular alerts on your dashboard and email. Slintel Dashboard lets you build prospect lists based on all the typical criteria like geography, size, industry, funding and so on, but where we shine is when this firmographic data can be used in combination with our knowledge of what technologies a company is using, adopting or dropping. Letting us predict what similar companies will do in the future. It also helps you form a deeper understanding of your target market and build vertical-specific messaging and pitches to improve conversions.


    You don’t have to go anywhere else to get contact information. We provide email ids, business phone numbers, LinkedIn URLs, business location information, registration details and more. We suggest the right decision makers instead of just giving you a dump of random contacts. you may enrich your existing leads and you can instantly export your chosen contacts. Slintel chrome plugin, Lead Finder also lets you discover contacts on any website that you are browsing

    Peoplegraphics Contacts
    Powering Sales and Marketing Teams

    Powering Sales and
    Marketing Teams

    Talk to us, We don’t bite!

    We ensure you meet your weekly goals

    • Dedicated success manager

    • Free team training

    • Weekly calls

    Dedicated Success Manager

    FAQ about RainKing

    What does RainKing do?

    RainKing is a marketing system that supports sales teams with enterprise leads, customer leads and marketing in the IT sector. Bethesda, Maryland, United States.

    Who owns RainKing?

    In 2017, DiscoverOrg acquired RainKing. The current CEO for RainKing is now Henry Schuck.

    Where does RainKing get their data?

    RainKing collects data mainly by website crawling and gathering data like name, email, direct dial phone number, LinkedIn profiles, etc from email plugins that collect signatures.

    What does RainKing cost?

    RainKing no longer serves customers as it was acquired by DiscoverOrg in 2017. DiscoverOrg usually charges about $20,000 on a yearly basis.

    How accurate is RainKing?

    According to average user reviews, RainKing’s information was ~90% accurate.

    When was RainKing acquired?

    RainKing was acquired in 2017 by DiscoverOrg for “at least a $100M” according to Henry Schuck.

    Is RainKing Legal?

    Yes, since RainKing only takes contact details from web crawling and email signatures, they are legal. They do not gather consumer or credit information about a person and are only interested in their professional profile.

    How to remove your information from RainKing?

    RainKing no longer serves customers as previously stated, and hence all the information is now on DiscoverOrg.

    FAQ about Slintel

    What is Slintel?

    Slintel is a SaaS solution for Lead generation, Sales intelligence, and Timed Outreach. It is a clean, intelligent and simple solution for businesses to make prospecting for clients easier and driven by actionable insights. Customers can take advantage of our database for Technographic, Firmographic and Peoplegraphic intelligence.

    What does Slintel do?

    Slintel helps you figure out your next customer. We do this by providing companies with intelligent technographic, firmographic and peoplegraphic data to form actionable insights. Helping Sales and Marketing professionals reduce the time taken on outreach and research so that they can concentrate on actual selling, is the main aim.
    We strive to help our clients be in front of the right client at the right time.

    Who owns Slintel?

    Slintel is a privately owned firm with a majority stake held by its founders Deepak Anchala, Rahul Bhattarchya, and VC firms Stellaris and Accel.

    Where does Slintel get their data?

    Information is gathered via large scale web capture tools and email plugins that collect signature information such as name, title, company, and email. Our data is triple checked and verified from multiple sources, and we strive to deliver the most up to date and current information to you.

    What does Slintel cost?

    Slintel has customized prices according to your business needs. You can talk to one of our representatives, and we will provide a customized quote for you depending upon the number of users, credits required, and the size of your company.

    How accurate is Slintel?

    Slintel’s data is collected from verified sources and large scale web capture tools, and on top of that, the data is triple-check so that you get only the best-qualified leads for your business. The data is ~95% accurate, and it is regularly updated to keep the accuracy intact.

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