Make Smarter Decisions


Scan customers of technologies,
Movements and renewal dates


Track company growth signals,
funding and 60 others parameters

People Intelligence

Track people Movements,
buying power and buying patterns


$ 199 /mo Billed Annually
  • Technographics
    • Customer Insights
    • Customer adds and drops
    • Renewal dates
  • Weekly Alerts
  • 3600 Export Credits / yr
$ 499 /mo Billed Annually
  • Firmographics
  • Technographics
    • Customer Insights
    • Customer adds and drops
    • Renewal dates
  • Job Posting Data
  • Weekly Alerts
  • 24000 Exports Credits / yr
  • Dedicated Account manager
$ 999 /mo Billed Annually
  • Peoplegraphics
  • Firmographics
  • Technographics
    • Customer Insights
    • Customer adds and drops
    • Renewal dates
  • Job Posting Data
  • Weekly Alerts
  • Salesforce API Integration
  • Custom curation
  • 120,000 Exports Credits / yr
  • Dedicated Account manager

Plan Comparison

Technographics Starter Growth Professional
Scan customers of technology partners or competitors
Look up customer adds and drops this month
Look up historical customer movement
Look up predicted contract renewal dates
Analyze technology trends
Lookup market share for competitive technologies
Setup weekly alerts on favorite technologies

Firmographics Starter Growth Professional
Look up technology landscape of ~1M companies
Discover companies based on growth metrics
Look up funding and financial information
Look up when companies budget for tools or services
Look up company news, events and social activity
Enrich information on your database/ CRM with up to date data
Push companies directly to salesforce
Get personalized alerts on key events

Peoplegraphics Starter Growth Professional
Identify decision makers from your ideal company profiles
Look up profiles based on titles or division
Identify leads with high decision making power and buying power
Discover key executive movements
Get emails and direct dials
Get personalized alerts on key prospects
Push leads directly to salesforce
Create email lists based on your preferences
Recommendations based on your ideal lead profile

70% time saved
5X improvements in closure rates

Frequently Asked Questions

With our proprietary technology, you can get 360-degree account and vendor maps and get alerted as companies adopt new technologies or as contracts come up for renewal.

We also capture a host of other signals that can save you countless hours on research and maximize RoI of your campaigns.

If you need insights on technology adoption, movements, and contract renewals, our starter plan would work great for you.

If you want deeper insights on companies and decision makers to help with your account planning, you should sign up for our growth or premium packages.

A credit is consumed when users export technology, company or people information from the portal. A credit is also consumed when users unmask email / direct dial information.

We have the highest accuracy amongst data intelligence platforms in the market. Our entire data set is refreshed monthly and we highlight changes in technology movements, companies and leads on a monthly basis.

The professional tier gives you unrestricted view access to technographics, firmographics and peoplegraphics components on our portal. You also get additional credits, access for multiple users, and priority support.

There is no credit card required for the free trial. For the other plans, you'll be prompted to enter your card details.