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Get personalized recommendations from our database of over 17M companies


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Automatically populate information about your inbound leads on your CRM


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Obtain lead insights and contact information of over 80M key decision makers

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Increase in Response Rate

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What are Slintel credits?

When you purchase a Slintel subscription, your account will be attributed with a certain number of credits depending on the plan you choose. Credits are consumed when you export insights or unmask contact information on the Slintel dashboard.

How is Slintel different from other data intelligence platforms?

While most other data intelligence platforms provide insights based on search patterns, Slintel’s proprietary algorithm provides prospect recommendations based on technographics-powered buying intent. Using Slintel, you can predict who’s about to purchase your product and market or sell your product to prospects even before they move on to the research phase of their buying journey.

How can I add my team to the Slintel dashboard?

Slintel has one of the highest accuracy rates amongst the data intelligence platforms in the market. The product also allows you to filter prospect information based on high confidence scores as well. The platform’s entire data set is regularly refreshed and highlights changes in customer behavior, company insights, and leads on a monthly basis.

Where does Slintel get their data?

Our information is gathered using large scale web capture tools that extract information via job descriptions, java frameworks, work history, login pages etc. which enable us to track and predict technology adoption and contract renewal patterns among other key insights. For emails, we have our own algorithms that predict emails and validate them at three levels before they are published.

Does Slintel integrate with other sales and marketing automation software?

Yes, it does! Slintel currently integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce to make your lead enrichment and outreach process that much simpler. We’re always working on building more integrations with other automation software, so stay tuned for more integrations!

What are the benefits of using Slintel’s Professional plan?

Slintel’s data is collected from verified sources and large scale web capture tools, and on top of that, the data is triple-check so that you get only the best-qualified leads for your business. The data is ~95% accurate, and it is regularly updated to keep the accuracy intact.