Uncover the 3% of your TAM actively looking to buy

Technology Movement

Be in the know with instant alerts whenever your target account adopts or drops a technology. Want to know if Salesforce lost any customers this month? Or if Pardot gained any? You’re at the right place.

Intent Scores

You may know “who” will buy your product, but “when” they will buy is a question that can give you actual deal closures. It is a great way to filter out companies that might not be ready to buy your product yet even though they have a need for it.

Renewal Data

Find quarterly contract renewal data with Slintel. For each technology you track, you can find the number of renewals coming up, along with the assumed date of renewal. What better time to target a prospective customer than when their contract is almost up!

Company Details

Address, employee size, contact details, industry, sector, financial year, funding history, keywords used, lead insights and complete technology stack. *whew*

Job Postings

Find 18 million job postings across industries with additional filters like function, job title, location, date posted or simply by company name.

Aaron Drummond, Sales Manager, place

Slintel's communication and customer service is a gamechanger

We have had a great relationship with the team for 3 years now and every day the software grows. We target specific companies with unique technologies and Slintel provides an easy tool to break out the companies we need to target which gets us back to outreach as fast as possible.

Aaron Drummond

Sales Manager

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