Things that matter to us

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    We would not be where we are today without our people

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    We are people of data and not a day goes by when we don’t think or talk about it.

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    There’s so much more to life than just work, and we actively recognize that.

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    Because “All work and no play…”, you know the drill.

Our biggest flex is our company culture but we also have other ones 😎

  • Devices

    Devices and software

    We’re happy to provide the best device and software based on your needs ⭐

  • Insurance

    Medical insurance

    We offer medical insurance (5 lakhs with coverage for upto 4 members of your family)

  • Esops

    ESOPs for everyone!

    Everyone who works here gets a stake in our business

  • Timeoff

    Time off

    Slintel offers 18 days of earned leave on top of the 10+ days in every country’s holiday calendar

  • Internet

    Internet and phone bills comped

    Access to the world through your phone and computer is a basic human right

  • Allowance

    Learning allowance

    Books, circulars, courses, everything goes as long as it’s for your personal learning and development

  • WFH

    WFH allowance

    Set up your workspace for maximum productivity, with the Slintel WFH allowance

  • Leaves

    Paternity and maternity leave

    We offer paid time off to biological, adoptive and foster parents to spend time with their family

Culture Frame
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  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Customer Success
  • Marketing
  • HR
Ishan Saraswat linkedin icon

Senior Product Manager

Ishan is an amateur runner and a novice drummer. When he isn’t working, he’s usually trying to fix his heinous routine, playing FIFA, scrolling through Product Hunt, or connecting with people who haven’t watched Friends yet.

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Abhishek Kumar linkedin icon

Engineering Manager

Abhishek was one of Slintel’s earliest employees. He joined the company when the team was small, but the vision was massive. He believes that good companies give their people the freedom to experiment and the accountability to learn from those experiments—something that is now a core part of the Slintel philosophy.

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Sanjana Malali linkedin icon

Sales Manager

Sanjana believes that authenticity breeds success. When not closing deals she can be seen recharging her soul by creating art using different mediums. She is a die hard Tame Impala fan and although a vegetarian, she loves to eat food. On her quest to try different cuisines, she can be seen jet-setting all over the world. In a past life she played League of Legends obsessively (~14 hours a day) to the point of being a recluse

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Pushkar Ranjan linkedin icon

Lead - Customer Success

Pushkar strongly believes that helping people discover better ways to live and work are as crucial (if not more important) to the world as the impact of technology and science on our lives. He’s always excited to get into conversations that either add more value to others’ time or make people laugh.

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Harsha Annadurai linkedin icon

Marketing Manager - Content

Harsha is an obsessive sneakerhead, semi-pro musician, and retired amateur footballer. When he isn’t online on Slack, he’s usually cooking a bad meal, getting killed by Clickers on TLOU2, or watching a TV show that starts with the letter B.

Ravina Agarwal linkedin icon

Visual Designer

Ravina is not just a designer of great creatives, but also of great music playlists—especially if you're into Techno and House. She is often found spending time with her dog, trying out new restaurants, or watching Netflix and F1.

Rashmi Mahavadilinkedin icon

Human Resources - Talent Management

Rashmi is an Engineer turned HR professional who’s played a pivotal role in helping Slintel retain its culture as it scaled rapidly. She loves listening to music, making soaps & chocolates, and playing badminton. She also enjoys watching thrillers and conversing about psychology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be working remotely or from the office?

We are a remote-first organization, but we do have an office in HSR Layout, Bengaluru if you wish to work from a common space.