Why choose Slintel

Know a technology’s market share, the companies using it, additions and deletions, and predicted contract renewal timelines.
Identify passive high-intent buyers to tap into them and showcase value even before they start doing their research.
Chrome Extension
Uncover contact and company information from a prospect’s website or LinkedIn page with just one click.
Insta Reveal
Get the latest email and phone info of your prospects on the Internet.

Your ROI in a Jiffy

Decrease in reach time


Decrease in research time

3X Increase in response rate


More meetings

60% More meeting booked


Increase in opportunities-to-deal rates

2X Increase in win rates


Pipeline growth

Technographic insights and analysis helped our SDRs do a meaningful and intelligent outreach.
At my previous organization we used ZoomInfo and LinkedIn Navigator for contact, Bombora for intent and DiscoverOrg for account info. When I joined Ally where we use Slintel, I found it to be as valuable as all the other tools combined!
As a smaller team, Slintel makes it super easy to find qualified leads en masse while also being able to source ABM-level prospects at a quick push of a button.
Slintel levels the playing field for startups, with the buyer intent score. It’s exactly the criteria I’d use as a salesperson to qualify my leads - companies that are hiring, companies that are spending money in this area, companies that are growing.
The Slintel platform is easy to use and has helped reduce time spent on lead acquisition efforts

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Our mighty data

Technologies tracked
Lead profiles
Company profiles tracked
Jobs data

Seamlessly connect Slintel with popular systems

Push leads, companies, technographics, and keywords data to popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Pipedrive. You can also Update, Enrich, and Configure your accounts to find relevant data using Slintel.

Seamlessly connect Slintel with popular systems