Connecting your Slintel account

Set-up your Slintel account in 3 easy steps and enable one-click automation thereafter. Simple and clean data transfer with no fuss.



Enable Slintel to connect with your Salesforce and Hubspot accounts by providing necessary permissions

Step 1



Set up one-click automation, and configure your Slintel account with field mapping, creating custom fields and turning on automatic update and enrich options for your Slintel account

Step 2



Once set up, effortlessly enrich and export the data to your respective integrated technologies. You can set up automatic enrichment and export to be on top of your data, anywhere

Step 3

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Sales Force


Setting up your Slintel account with Salesforce enables you to quickly send and sync any leads/contacts/accounts directly from your Slintel database to Salesforce. It’s a one-click automation, and allows you to update and enrich data seamlessly.

How does Salesforce Integration work? Check the whole self-help article with an explanatory video here.



Setting up your Slintel account with Hubspot enables you to send any Contacts and/or Companies directly from your Slintel database to Hubspot. Update and enrich your contacts easily from Slintel to Hubspot.

How does Hubspot Integration work? Check the whole self-help article with an explanatory video here.

Pipe Drive


Setting up your Slintel account with Pipedrive allows you to send People and Organization data directly from your Slintel dashboard. Its a simple integration that you can do with the help of an API key, and helps you keep your data visible, everywhere.

How does Pipedrive Integration work? Check the whole self-help article with an explanatory video here.

Get the most out of Slintel

Streamline your sales and marketing workflows by using Slintel’s powerful integrations system. Flawlessly sync with all your accounts to populate actionable data everywhere you work. Work on your high-intent people profiles/contacts/accounts, enable historical data enrichment, and set up automatic ongoing enrichment and updating onto your mapped field

Enrich historical data in your CRM
Enrich historical data in your CRM

Refresh all your existing leads and accounts in your CRM with Slintel data. Find unique data points, from 60+ attributes, to understand whom to target next.

Automatic data updates
Automatic data updates

If Slintel has a data update for a record that you’ve exported to your CRM, we’ll automatically update your CRM as well (with your permission, of course)

Enrich new leads
Enrich new people profiles in your CRM

Make your sales team’s day and automatically enrich every new person that enters your CRM

Filter Leads
Filter people profiles and companies by technographic and psychographic data

Push technographic data to your CRM so that your team can get more insight into the accounts they’re working on without having to do the research

Custom fields
Add custom fields

Want to include a field that doesn’t exist on Slintel and your CRM? Fret not, you can create unlimited custom fields on Slintel, and have that exported to your Salesforce/Hubspot account.

Resync your original and custom fields
Resync your original and custom fields anytime

Created a new field on Slintel for your new people profiles but forgot to update the same for old ones? Resync all your fields from Slintel to your CRM with a click of a button

Track history
Track history of current and previous updates

Missed something? You can always go back and check it. See your export and update history all the way from the beginning of time

unlimited fields
Add unlimited fields

In line with creating your custom fields, you can create any number of fields as you want on your Slintel dashboard to export to your CRM.

Get with the best and the most robust Salesforce integration in the market

A Sales Solution that will ramp up your revenue to the next level with continuous and automatic updates and improvements on data integration, so that you get the most out of your Slintel account.

Identify potential buyer in your market

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Pick the plan that works for you

Pick a Plan

Slintel’s Marketing Intelligence Software has Startup, Growth and Enterprise pricing plans. Slintel’s pricing packages are built for scale and have everything you need to start closing deals today.

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Slintel gives us the ability to speed up our process by filtering our company size, geographies, and technology used..and also provides good contact emails and phone numbers. Aaron Drummond
Technographic insights and analysis helped our SDRs do a meaningful and intelligent outreach.
Great value for lead sourcing, and amazing customer support team
Slintel is easy to use and has helped us reduce time spent on lead acquisition efforts
Any competitor can generate a lead list but not everyone offers a dedicated point of contact

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