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How to Find Business Email Addresses

Roshan Nair April 05 2022

All salespeople are familiar with that dreaded stage in any sales outreach process - hunting for contacts.

Everybody knows no one likes being disturbed… especially by salespeople. 

Be it hiding contact details, keeping profiles private, or burning sage, they do whatever it takes to ward off salespeople.

However, statistics show that there’s one particular medium that prospects actually respond to - Email.

In fact, eight out of ten prospects want to talk to sales reps via email over any other medium (source: Hubspot). 

That said, how can you find business email addresses when practically everyone keeps them hidden?

How To Find Business Email Addresses

You may find several tips online such as using the company’s Contact Us page, reaching out to their social channels, using shady email lookup websites, etc.

However, none of those methods can assure you that you’re going to get your answer, or a right answer for that matter. What can you do then?

Cue Slintel’s Chrome extension.

This is your surefire solution to finding any lead’s business email address without fail. It is free, it is fast, and it’s as easy as cake.

In four simple steps, we’ll teach you how to find business email addresses from websites and LinkedIn profiles for free.

Step #1: Download the Slintel Chrome Extension

Head over to this link in Chrome’s Web Store and download Slintel’s Chrome extension. All you have to do is click on Add to Chrome.

If you’d like to use our tool regularly to find business email addresses, you can consider pinning our Chrome extension for easy access.

Step #2: Sign Up

After downloading the Chrome extension, you’ll automatically be taken to Slintel’s Sign Up page. 

You can now sign up for an account with Slintel. Enter your full name, type in your work email address, and create a password in the respective boxes. 

After completing the Captcha verification, click on Get Started.

Step #3: Verify Your Email

Head over to your email inbox. You’ll find that you’ve received an email that looks like this:

Click on Verify Now to confirm your email address. You have now created your account with Slintel.

Now that you’re all set, let’s go find some business email addresses!

Step #4: Find the Business Email Addresses!

With Slintel, you can uncover the contact details of either individual profiles or several profiles in one go.

  • Case #1: Find Individual Business Email Addresses

Head over to the LinkedIn profile of the person whose business email address you wish to unlock. Let’s head to Slintel’s CEO, Deepak Anchala’s LinkedIn profile for example.

Once there, click on your extensions list and select Slintel’s Chrome extension. You’ll see this box:

Sign in using the email address and password you created in step #2 and you’ll see this:

At the very top, you’ll see that you have 100/100 of the free credits that you can use to unlock email addresses and phone numbers.

Right below that, you’ll find basic details of the LinkedIn profile such as their name, company, social handles, etc. You’ll see that their email address and phone number are locked. 

Don’t worry! You can easily unlock them for free using your credits. 

But before we do that, scroll down for a little surprise.

You’ll see that the Chrome extension already has lots of valuable insights about the company that you can use to your advantage when pursuing the lead.

Some of these include their founding date, base, employee count, industry, products and services, tech stack, and even the keywords they rank for!

Now scroll back to the top to unlock their business email address. Simply click on Unlock.

You’ll see the following pop-up:

Did you notice that finding an email address costs you just one credit? 

If you’d like to, you can also opt to unlock the phone number for an extra three credits.

Click on Continue.

There you go! For just four credits, you’ve unlocked the business email address and the phone number of the profile.

And you still have 96 credits left!

But what if you want to find multiple business email addresses in one go?

  • Case #2: Find Business Email Addresses in Bulk

Choose a company whose leads’ email addresses you’d like to unlock. Let’s take Slack for example. Go to LinkedIn and search for Slack. You’ll see this page:

Now, click on Slintel’s Chrome Extension to find this box containing all the leads from the page above:

If you’d like to unlock all their email addresses together, click on Select All at the top and then click on Unlock.

If you’d like to export the contact details, simply click on Export.

You can opt to have the email addresses and phone numbers exported to your Salesforce CRM, Outreach, or directly to your email.

Final Thoughts

So far, Slintel’s Chrome extension has helped you unlock email addresses and phone numbers, besides giving you access to valuable firmographic data about any company.

So, what next?

Slintel has tons of incredible data and other valuable insights in store for you.

With Slintel, you can not only rest assured that you have access to the best leads but also find the best insights to help you pursue them.

Take a look at Slintel today!