Customer Engagement Touchpoints (or Customer Engagement Interaction)

What are Customer Engagement Touchpoints?

Customer engagement touchpoints points of customer contact, from start to finish with your brand. For example, a customer may find your business online. The logical next step for the customer is to read ratings and reviews, visit your website, or contact your customer service to access the information they are looking for.

The first step toward creating a customer journey map is to identify your touchpoints. The next is to focus on ensuring your customers are satisfied every step of the way.

What are different types of customer engagement touchpoints?

A touchpoint is typically any point of contact your customer interacts with your brand. It could be any point before, during or after a purchase at your business. For example: Touchpoints before purchase can include social media, ratings and reviews, testimonials, word of mouth, advertising and marketing. Touchpoints for during a purchase can include websites, brochures, or promotions. After purchase touchpoints include sales and marketing outreach, billing and invoice requests, payment requests and other follow ups.