Get insights into high-intent leads in target markets

Fresh data, hot off the interwebs

Fresh data, hot off the interwebs

Slintel tracks 250M+ leads in over 15M+ companies. The contact information for these leads passes through multiple levels of validation and is organized by the stage they’re in (Grade B, A, and A+) - this way, you can be assured that all the information you have is to date. If we don’t have the contact information, you can trigger a live search from the dashboard that will check the Internet to update the data.

“As a smaller team, Slintel makes it super easy to find qualified leads en masse while also being able to source ABM-level prospects at a quick push of a button”

Allie Harrison

Find every needle in the haystack

Use Slintel’s extensive filters that include technologies that are now in use, used to be used and are no longer in use, NICS codes, industry, lead title, open job count range and so on to narrow down your list of prospects.

Find every needle in the haystack

Show ‘em that you know them

Show ‘em that you know them

Learn about your prospects’ technology stack and how your product can fit into their current ecosystem before heading into the meeting. Slintel tracks over 25,000 technologies in 15 million companies through data from 15+ sources. These sources include company properties like the website, social media, and job postings. This way, you can refine your pitch with Slintel by studying industry tech adoption trends, market share patterns, and competitors.

Prioritize the right accounts for your business

You might know who’s going to buy your product but do you know when that might happen? Slintel’s buyer intent score, drawn from 6 integral company signals, will help you prioritize accounts in your pipeline and target active, high-interest buyers. Your sales team won’t have to waste time chasing leads down the rabbit hole and can instead focus only on the accounts that matter.

Prioritize the right accounts for your business

Explore Other Slintel Features

  • Lead Enrichment
  • Get context and data for every customer touchpoint from Slintel.
  • Buyer Intent
  • Find high-intent active buyers in your target market and close deals faster.
  • Technographics Insights
  • Make your outreach intelligent again with Slintel.
  • Prospecting made easy
  • Customers report a 30% increase in win rate by uncovering high intent prospects

“We have used several of the largest data companies in the past and have found that Slintel data is the most accurate clean data of them all. Their customer support is the best I have seen in any industry.”

Kacy Wells
President and Co-Founder, Onetouch
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