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Last updated March 7, 2019

When it comes to recruiting and maintaining a steady human resource, one of the major game changers in the market has been Workable. It's a based-on-the-cloud software that aims to supply the HR team with easy and simple solutions to improve the recruiting process, while offering both a desktop and a mobile version to track all the needed information across platforms. Some of the main features include: Creation of custom careers page for websites, Applicant tracking systems, People search facilities, and Job advertising services.

With simple graphs, charts, and visuals, Slintel offers you one of the most sophisticated ways of looking at Workable data so that you can amend your processes and workflows accordingly. To give you a glimpse of some of the most crucial pieces of information Slintel offers, here's a compilation.

Companies Using Workable


• Access Bank Plc.

Headquartered in Ghana, Access Bank Plc. offers convenient banking services and products to both businesses and individuals. It was founded in 2009 and it’s been a decade in terms of its operations.

• Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is a humanitarian organization established with a goal to end hunger in the world. It's an international organization based out of New York, United States and uses Workable to maintain its communities.


Keeping in mind how complex stock market can get, ADVFN functions as a source which simplifies market changes in terms of stocks with its charts and quotes. It also stands as a reliable source of news on all things stock market. It is headquartered in London.

• Intracom Telecom

Operating in the market for over three decades, Intracom Telecom is a global market player in the field of telecommunications. It uses Workable for applicant tracking purposes.

• JLE Industries

A transport company that offers specialized services in logistics management and transport, JLE Industries has been using Workable to track its applicant's recruitment.

• Keywords Studios

In the video games industry, Keywords Studios fits into a subset of industries that offers technical services to video game companies. It acts as a provider of services in countries like Japan, Italy, and Ireland from where it is based out of.

• Luxasia

Headquartered in Singapore, Luxasia is a cosmetics manufacturer that sells diverse cosmetic products to consumers.

• Pyramid Healthcare

Within the healthcare industry, Pyramid Healthcare has been offering specialized services to teens and adults suffering from substance abuse and addiction. It's headquartered in Pennsylvania.


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Workable Vs. The Market

According to the most recent reports from Slintel, Workable faces fierce competitions from other market players like BambooHR, Jazz HR, Frontline Recruiting and Workday Recruiting. Workable has a database of over 2911 websites using its hiring services. Its competitors like BambooHR have 2986 followed by Jazz HR, Frontline Recruiting and Workday Recruiting with 2812, 2167 and 1908 clients respectively.

Despite being a market player, Workable faces stiff competition from service providers like Taleo and iCIMS as well. Taleo leads the lot with 4783 websites and iCIMS with 4562 websites.

One of the fascinating aspects of Slintel’s dashboard is that it allows you to see current competition with respect to website additions. For this month, Workable has attracted 5 new websites, which is less compared to iCIMS with 19 additions, Taleo with 13 additions, Infor and Greenhouse with 5 additions.



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Workable’s Global Presence

Workable offers its services to businesses across the globe. It has its wings spread across several continents and countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, European countries, India, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina and more. From the data that Slintel offers, it becomes evident that Workable has a strong foothold of the market in the US and the UK, where it has over 600 and 300 companies respectively. Canada has 46 companies, France has 34 companies and Australia has 27 companies using Workable.

When it comes to developing countries like India, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina and Thailand, Workable has 9, 4, 6, 3 and 3 companies respectively.

Slintel's Dashboard

The information that Slintel provides on the dashboard is not restricted to what was shared here. These insights can then be used to modify marketing tactics, promotions, recruitment, budgeting, and other key operational factors. Get started with Slintel for more powerful information today.