Why Webinar Events Work So Well In Today’s Climate

While a global pandemic continues to shake up ritualistic business practices, the COVID-19 webinar trend has seemingly replaced those pesky “Work From Home Tips” articles that we all have read enough of. What makes webinars a welcome change is that they are a much necessary quickfire shot of business updates, strategies, and relevant information delectably packaged by topical authorities.

As a sales or marketing professional, staying well versed and up-to-date with the world of business is a necessity, and webinars happen to be the easiest and most entertaining way to learn about best practices from the leaders in your field. While webinars are a great learning tool for audiences, they also serve as an effective avenue through which marketers and salespeople can build a strong rapport with potential leads.

Webinars have become so popular that there are now webinars online being conducted on how to host webinars. 

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A closer look should help us understand why webinars have become a versatile tool for all parties involved and why your organization should be hosting and attending more of them.

What does a good webinar event entail?

From the perspective of the viewer, good webinars hinge on the amount of value derived from their time spent watching it. Meanwhile, from the perspective of the marketing or sales team, a good webinar depends on how much awareness it has created among potential leads for your brand or product.

This brings up a dilemma involving the conflict of interest between both parties. A webinar that resembles a sales deck and seeks to push your brand or product is not going to be very valuable to your audience. Conversely, a webinar that solely seeks to provide value to the audience may not serve your organization’s interests. As a result, a balance between the two must be arrived at by creating a webinar design that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

Another key element of good webinar design involves the level of engagement it offers to your audience. An engaging webinar that resonates with your audience is more likely to work in your favor. Polls, questions, audience interactions and multimedia elements can help transform the webinar experience. This will not only make your webinar more compelling for your audience to return for the next one but will also go a long way in enhancing your brand recall value.

The audience turnout is one of the most important parts of a successful webinar online. You’re not just looking for a large number of webinar registrants—you also want to attract the right kind of audience that might actually be willing to buy your product. To achieve this, you might want to keep a few things in mind: 

  • Ensure that your webinar is targeted towards helping a specific kind of audience- it’s best if this audience is the same as the audience that benefits from your product
  • Choose webinar topics or themes that will resonate with your product and the audience you intend to attract.
  • Bringing in relevant topical experts and big-name panelists will give your webinar event a good amount of momentum.
  • Research and choose the ideal date, day of the week and time in accordance with what works best for your target audience.
  • Create a branded experience with your logo and other relevant elements that showcase your brand.
  • Build a webinar registration page with a lead capture form. This should ensure that the information collected from your registrants flows straight into your sales pipeline.

Now that we have a better idea of what a good webinar event looks like on paper, we can move onto why they work so well in today’s climate.

Webinars and COVID-19

Work from home schedules have called for innovative remote solutions that have helped transport the corporate world within the comfort of our homes. With physical events such as conferences and trade fairs being unviable in the current climate, virtual events like webinars have taken precedence, replacing the former. In addition, the cost-effective and universally accessible nature of webinars online make it one of the best ways to drive publicity towards your brand at a global scale and reel in a substantial number of leads into your pipeline.

Most importantly, webinars are a great way to imbibe a ton of knowledge with barely any effort on our part. Additionally, working remotely means we have fewer commitments that the outside world has to offer and more time on our hands to learn as much as we can. With bigger audiences and more time to spare, it becomes easier to get topical experts and big-name panelists on board, making webinar events all the more compelling.

While the webinar trend has been a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic, it continues to gain traction and appears to have become more than just a fleeting trend. It’s no wonder that webinar events are becoming part and parcel of the business world due to their ability to provide a great deal of value to all parties involved.

Why we do webinars at Slintel

Being in the business of data means that information and knowledge have always been our best friends. As a rapidly growing organization, we at Slintel continue to push boundaries everyday and learning happens to be the only way we can achieve what we’ve set out to do. 

At Slintel, we have always been fascinated by webinars due to how entertainingly informative they are. We figured that we could bring together the wealth of knowledge that the global sales community has to offer by creating a resource that would benefit the entire community. We truly believe that we owe it to our community to serve them the highest quality of sessions on a periodic basis that will help them excel in their careers.

The first episode of our monthly webinar, Rambling Sessions with Anupreet Singh in July went far better than we could have expected. Fast-forward three episodes, 12 formidable panelists, an enthusiastic audience and a river of leads, and we continue to get better at our webinar game.

Thanks to the growing anticipation from founders, sales experts and our audience we’re all set to have one of our biggest webinar events yet. Our webinar events have not just served as useful resources for the sales community but have also helped us foster meaningful friendships and connections within the community that continue to support and promote our webinar. We have even got CEOs, founders, and sales experts messaging us, asking if they could be a panelist on the next episode.

Slintel Sales Webinar Events - Rambling Sessions with Anupreet Singh

To get a glimpse of what we do, join us on the 23rd of October as we host Justin Michael, Darryl Praill, Rosalyn Santa Elena and Ashleigh Early for the fourth edition of Rambling Sessions. The worst case scenario is you’ll learn loads from the best in the industry and simultaneously be entertained while you’re at it! Register for the webinar here.

Slintel Sales Webinar Events - Rambling Sessions with Anupreet Singh: Episode #4

Anupreet Singh

Anupreet Singh

Anupreet Lamba is currently leading Sales at Slintel, a SaaS Sales Intelligence platform. He has set up sales teams and functions from scratch for various companies and firmly believes that the initial revenue target is achieved only when the entire organization works with the grit to support them.

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