The Other Side of SaaS – May 2021

The Other Side of Saas May 2021

Our way of life has changed due to the pandemic. And our social dynamics have changed from being together as a group for most of our day to being isolated almost all the time. 

Only time will tell if these changes are going to be permanent or not, but right now, it’s important that we learn to adapt and cope with this new way of living.

With the feeling of isolation comes an array of mental health problems. All over the world there have been reports of increase in or new symptoms of mental illnesses.

Some of the ways to counteract the feeling of loss, isolation and captivity is to invest some time into self care. 

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we decided to do a part 2 on the importance of self-care and the need for mental health awareness. For part 1 please check the April edition.

#10 Steven Barlett On Mental Health Importance

This post pretty much describes what we want to achieve with this month’s feature of The Other Side of SaaS. 

With everything we are coping with on a daily basis with the pandemic, with work and with life in general, it is easy to forget that mental health needs some devotion as well.

If you find yourself putting mental health wellbeing, then make sure to read this post to remind yourself that you need to stop for a bit and breathe. This will allow you to replenish your exhausted reservoir of strength and will to push through life. 

#9 Meghna Mathur on Change Is the Only Constant

As Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher said, “Change is the only constant.” With the world immersed knee deep in the pandemic, everyday is like russian roulette. 

The faster we accept this reality, the better we will be able to come up with a strategy to deal with this. Meghna has this down to a checklist. Take a look at her post to see how you can incorporate this checklist to make a difference in your day to day life.

#8 Justine Antoska On Having a Duvet Day 

Humans are complex beings. We have multiple egos all interacting with each other and making demands. Which ego we give importance to is in our hands. 

Justine talks about how it is important to pay attention to the ego that is asking for some time off from all the responsibilities of life and work. 

Make sure to check out how she encouraged herself to listen to her “Child Ego” that asked for some time off. 

#7 Wonsulting On Reminders for Self-care

We all use the reminders app on our phones to create our to do lists. Why not include some reminders for self-care as well? Take a look at some of the reminders you can schedule into your daily life to remind yourself to take care of yourself. 

#6 Twitter Together On Positive Affirmations

The best way to combat self-sabotaging and negative thoughts is to use repetitive positive affirmations. Only with continuous repetition and belief can you see positive changes taking place on you. 

It is important to identify and put yourself first before others. Only when you have amassed enough bandwidth with self-care can you help others take care of themselves.

What are some of the affirmations you use on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments, we’d genuinely love to know.

#5 Nazilla Khanlou On Resilience Is in Everyday small steps   

Of course bouncing back from big challenges is a great win. However, it’s how you handle the small steps of everyday life that is a testament to your resilience. 

It is time to remind ourselves that every day spent well is a great win and worthy of celebration. 

#4 Brad Moser On Self-care Strategy

Self-care needs to be approached with the mindset that when approaching an activity such as art, hobby, or exercise, one should not be too hung up on the outcome. 

Rather, you should just enjoy the time spent on the activity just for the sake of it. This can help reduce anxiety, perfectionism, and the pressure to perform, and increase self-acceptance and enjoying the moment.

#3 Diosa Femme On Wisdom Gained from Therapy

Sometimes listening to someone talk about how therapy has shaped their outlook is fascinating because it allows us to find pearls of wisdom otherwise difficult to encounter. 

Take a look at what this thread on Twitter has to offer. I am sure you will come away from it with a small change to incorporate into your very own self-care routine.

#2 Mind Peers On Self-care is the Best Therapy

MindPeers is a preventive and promotive mental health platform, it provides personalized self- therapy tools for people who need them. Their goal is to set up mental-health gyms all over India. 

Their Instagram handle is filled with tips and things you can do to implement self-care in your routine. 

Last month they did a 30-day challenge where they posted tips everyday to pamper yourself, methods to cope and check-in on yourself. 

Be sure to take a few minutes to pursue through their posts. We are sure you will find something to add to your self-care routine.

#1 Raina Khatri Tandon On The Power of Pause 

With all the overwhelming situations and emotions we encounter on a daily basis, burnout is inevitable. One way to address this is to implement the power of a pause. 

When faced with a difficult situation, take a few seconds to pause and breathe deeply before you start addressing the issue at hand.

Sometimes these few seconds will provide you with all the clarity you need to tackle the situation.

Let us know if the power of pause is something you believe in.

Wrapping Up

With all the stressors that come with the pandemic along with stressors that already exist in your life, it is time to break the stress cycle by adding a little bit of self-care to replenish your existence. 

Let us know what your stressors and what self-care routines you implement to combat them. Make sure to come back next month to get your monthly dose of inspiration tea. 

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha has been a wanderer most of her life. Having spent her life in a plethora of countries - India, Kuwait, Muscat, and the United States of America, she enjoys learning about different cultures and discovering new languages. She has dabbled in Medical Writing and Education Content Writing. She is an avid reader and when not writing, loves curling up with a book and hot chocolate.

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