The Other Side of SaaS – February 2021

The Other Side of SaaS

We know how hard it is to build a social media presence. It takes a lot of trial and error to establish the voice of your social media which resonates with who you are as a person. And on the other hand, we also know that it’s difficult to get the best content from each curated and delivered all in one place.

While we’re figuring out how to do the first one right using our own LinkedIn handle (we just hit 10k follows, woohoo!), the latter is exactly what we’re trying to do with this series. The Other Side of SaaS is a monthly post that counts down the most thoughtful, appreciative, and funniest content that people have written on LinkedIn and other sources. 

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Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the best LinkedIn posts of February 2021.

#10 Ned Arick on Mental Wellness and It’s Importance

Although we strive to achieve homeostasis, we often find ourselves in dyshomeostasis. Every now and then we need to tune our mental wellbeing to avoid burnouts. We love people in leadership roles who understand the importance of mental wellness. 

#9 Jason Wingard on Diversity: Celebrate the Differences

In the ninth spot, we have Jason Wingard, who talks about diversity at work and how we can celebrate our differences. Here’s a post in which he explains his 3-step process on how to embrace diversity and be an ally.

#8 Josh Wagner on Leadership: Doing the Right Thing Even If It Is an Unpopular Choice 

Up next, we have Josh Wagner who talks about how leadership is a quality that shines through when a person does what is right even when it is an unpopular choice. The next time you have an unpopular outlook towards something, do not hesitate to say it out loud. You never know who it will strike a chord with.

#7 Shane Parrish on Outperforming No Matter What

A bad workman always blames his tools. However, the best do not let circumstances dictate their achievements. They always outperform no matter how the situation is stacked against them!

#6 Vani Kola on Women at the Helm of Tech Innovation

How many times have you heard “Oh! She is a woman. She won’t be able to go far”. Look at Whitney Wolfe Herd and be inspired. Join the women who are striving against the odds to succeed at their dreams. Tell the world – “I am a woman, Hear me roar”.

#5 James Gerber on to Be a Talented or a Consistent Person

A talented person or a consistent one. Who wins? That is the question! What are your thoughts?

#4 Erin Balsa on Tips for Content Marketers

This might be in the fourth spot, but it’s still my personal favorite. Sharing your knowledge and experience is not easy, but Erin Balsa does it flawlessly. Take a look at her Tips for Content Marketers series. There is a tip for almost everyone. 

#3 Nicolas Noailles on Developing Personal Branding on Linkedin

Lost in envy at everyone successfully establishing their personal brand on LinkedIn? Don’t know where to start? Well look no further. Let us know if these tips led to a successful start on your branding quest.

#2 Camilo Hernandez on Book Recommendations for Salespeople

They say books are what feed the soul. And we agree. Take a look at these recommendations. Hopefully, they will spark the booklover’s interest in you.

Do share your own recommendations with us and Camilo Hernandez! 

#1 Lindsay Tjepkema on A CEO Is a CEO. Period. 

It is 2021 people! For those of you who might have missed the memo – A CEO is a CEO regardless of their gender! Keep up with the times. Lindsay Tjepkema you are golden in our books. 

Special shout out to Shruthi Kapoor for saying what we were all thinking – 

Now that we have shared what has fed our souls in the month of February, we want to know what your thoughts are as well. So if these posts have inspired you to talk about what you see, hear and feel, then come back next month to find your very own inspiration tea. We will gladly serve it. 

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha has been a wanderer most of her life. Having spent her life in a plethora of countries - India, Kuwait, Muscat, and the United States of America, she enjoys learning about different cultures and discovering new languages. She has dabbled in Medical Writing and Education Content Writing. She is an avid reader and when not writing, loves curling up with a book and hot chocolate.

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