The Other Side of SaaS – April 2021

The Other Side of SaaS - April 2021

One of the things that left me puzzled as a kid when taking a flight was hearing the flight attendants say – “Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others (even with kids)”. This instruction was simple. My innocence at that time wondered why I had to put it on before helping others. Shouldn’t we help others before ourselves? 

Only when I grew older did I truly understand that the simple instruction contained nuances of self care and the importance of putting yourself first. 

However, more often than not we do not prioritize ourselves. We lead such busy lives by juggling multiple roles between work and our families. While these roles take the front and center of our lives, self-care, self-love and self-healing takes a back seat. 

Everyday, we push it away further with excuses “Oh, I have had the longest day. I don’t want to do anything.” or “I can always worry about self care and all the other jazz tomorrow”. Well if you have said these statements and more to yourself, then it is high time for you to be kinder to yourself. I am guilty of this as well.

No more! It’s time to put ourselves first for a change. This month’s feature revolves around learning how to do just that. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

#10 Community of Seven on How You Cannot Pour from an Empty Cup 

You fill a glass before you can pour. Similarly, you need to recharge and replenish yourself with the few things you love to give you enough zest and strength before you can spare the same for others. Self-care is not selfish, but is selfless.

#9 EPreston on Questioning Yourself Constantly to Incorporate Self Care Into Your Daily Routine

Whether it is learning a new habit, a new hobby or a new concept, it is vital to ask yourself questions such as: What am I learning? Why am I learning this? What will I have learnt at the end of this exercise?

Similarly it is essential to question yourself about self care regularly.  Am I doing it enough? Am I putting myself first? Why am I doing this? 

Only with self-questioning will we find the answers that we seek. So always ask yourself if you are doing enough to take care of yourself.

#8 Sara Shelden on Be Kind to Yourself 

We are our worst critics. When it comes to ourselves, we set the standards so high that it is inevitable that we fail. We are kind to others but not ourselves. 

It’s time to cut out all the harsh voices within telling us that we are not good enough. It is time to be kind to ourselves. 

#7 Zahra Bahrololoumi on How Being Productive Starts With Doing Nothing

With the pandemic messing with work-life balance further, it is essential now more than ever to set time aside for yourself. It does not have to be hours put aside, but microbreaks as short as 5 minutes can help you relax and reset. 

Let us know if you take microbreaks and what you do to reset during your hectic days.

#6 Jaideep Lalchandani on How to Avoid Limiting Yourself  

In a world where it feels like everyone is outperforming you, it becomes quite easy to put yourself down in spite of your abilities. 

I am guilty of this and over the years without realizing I have become quite adept at underselling myself. However, I have come to discern that the world more often than not throws rejection at us that I don’t need to add to it myself. 

So for all of you out there who struggle with this take a chance and put yourself out there. I won’t gloss over the fact that it will hurt but you soon begin to develop a thick outer skin.

So take a leap and showcase your beauty and capability to the world.

#5 Soulfulness on The Importance of Meditation

Who hasn’t heard how helpful meditation is? Who hasn’t dismissed this information? We are all culpable of it. 

After dealing with depression and anxiety for the last 3 years, the only thing that helped me calm down was meditation. It does not have to be a fancy affair. All you need to do is close your eyes, breathe deeply and envision who you want to be today. 

And when the time comes, you will have become who you envision to be.

#4 Nursat Zahan On Surrounding Yourself With the Right Kind of People

One of the biggest lessons my mom taught me as a teenager was to be extremely choosy of the company I wish to keep. 

At first I was like any other teenager and rebelled saying, “Mom, you don’t know anything! Stay out of my life.”

However, it soon turned out to be very true. You are who you surround yourself with. 

So surround yourself with people who will uplift you, infect you with positivity, and instill a can-do attitude in you if you want to soar to greater heights.

#3 Kriti Madaan On Self-care Should Be as Strong as Your Ethics

Ethics is a discipline that is concerned with doing what is morally right or wrong. While selfcare is the practice of taking action to do what is right to preserve your health and remove the wrong that harms your health. 

When put like this there is not much difference between ethics and selfcare. So why does selfcare take a backseat? Kriti Madaan might be onto something here.

#2 Vineet Mittal On Just Breathe

What is the one constant for all of us in our lives? It is nothing but our breath! Learning how to breathe through any curve ball life throws at us will give us the much needed edge to hit that ball out of the park!

Take time to just breathe. As Vineet Mittal aptly puts it “Focus on inhaling love and exhaling the gratitude”.

#1 Darina Sexton On How Constructive Pauses Help Massively Reduce Stress

The pandemic era brings with it a new trend of back to back meetings for working professionals to ensure their work day goes by smoothly. When one conversation ends, another starts with no pause to even drink a glass of water. 

With new work trends emerging, a recent study indicates that a break of 5-10 minutes between meetings can help massively reduce stress. 

Even though we are working from home, it is essential for all of us to take small moments throughout the day to re-energize and come back stronger.

Wrapping Up

With India in it’s second COVID wave and the rest of the world coping with the pandemic, new stressors and new triggers have become a part and parcel of the new normal. There is no better time to ensure that self-care, self-healing, and mental wellbeing takes up the front and center of our lives. 

No matter what is waiting for you at work, or home or with kids; always remember that you can only help when you have a reservoir of care, strength and energy. Learn to recharge and replenish your mind, body and spirit while you spend your time taking care of others. 

Do share with us what your self-care techniques are and make sure to come back next month for your share of inspiration tea. 

I will leave you with my favorite quote –

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.

– Oprah Winfrey
Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha has been a wanderer most of her life. Having spent her life in a plethora of countries - India, Kuwait, Muscat, and the United States of America, she enjoys learning about different cultures and discovering new languages. She has dabbled in Medical Writing and Education Content Writing. She is an avid reader and when not writing, loves curling up with a book and hot chocolate.

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