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Last updated March 12, 2019

One of the pioneers and game-changers in the Human Capital Management Industry (HCM) is SuccessFactors; a California based HCM vendor. Known for its innovation while blending technology with human resource management, SuccessFactors has witnessed steady growth since its founding in 2001. After being in the business for about 20 years, joined the SAP Family in 2012, is perceived as one of the biggest vendors of HMC services with over 6,700 customers and 120 million users across 200+ countries.

The Need for HCM Software Solutions

In a cluttered market, businesses are increasingly resorting to technology to solve some of their major shortcomings such as human resource management. It's crucial to not only recruit the right candidate for the business but to nurture existing talent and most importantly, retain the best minds. 

Along with technology, SuccessFactors has been enabling companies to achieve this by offering diverse HCM functions, such as tools for collaboration and social business, performance management, applicant tracking tools, HR analytics, talent management, succession planning, learning management systems, recruiting software and many more. With this, the company can effectively communicate their vision and strategy through all the hierarchy of employees, from the top tier to the last chain. 

SuccessFactors stands as the backbone of several companies across the globe, helping them experience comprehensive services starting from recruitment to the onboarding of employees.

For 18 years, SuccessFactors has offered its services to over 6,700 customers across over 200+ countries. Currently, it boasts of a user base of over 120 million. For those of you looking to have a glimpse of its customers and clients, here's a quick breakdown. The article also sheds light on its growth and competition in the market. 


• Dolby

The San Francisco-based tech company hardly needs any introduction. The company is nothing less than a pioneer in its market, developing advanced technologies for voice, audio and images. Their technology is used in games, cinema theaters, smartphones, computers and more. 


One of the world’s leading manufacturers of output and image capture products.

• Eureka

Eureka is based in California and is one of the state’s leading chain of restaurants. It is known for its authentic delicacies prepared out of locally sourced ingredients.

• Insight Communication

Insight Communication is an advertising agency that specializes in branding and its allied services such as brochures, websites, events, trade shows, corporate identities, packaging, signage, the point of sale and more.

• 1st Source Bank

Headquartered in Indiana, 1st Source Bank has been enabling clients bank in one of the most convenient ways. It has been in the business for over 150 years.

• Pepper Construction

Established in the year 1927, Pepper Construction was founded by Stanley F. Pepper. Since its inception, his vision has been inspiring growth for almost close to a century.

• ILO 

Abbreviated as The International Labour Organization, it is a non-profit establishment that works on setting labour standards for organizations around the World. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.


How SuccessFactors Stands in the Market

Slintel’s dashboard gives one access to multiple insights about a company and how it's positioned on their market.

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Some of the priceless pieces of information that Slintel has to offer are on a company’s competition. Visualizing data across multiple parameters and conditions, the dashboard gives decision making authorities insights that they could work on and implement.

As far as SuccessFactors is concerned, its major competitors are Taleo, JazzHR, Workable, BambooHR and iCIMS. While there are 1400+ companies associated with SuccessFactors, Taleo and iCIMS have over 4,500 firms and Workable, and BambooHR have over 2,900 customers at hand. 

During January 2019 , companies like Daily Herald, Genielift and more switched to SuccessFactors. If competitor analysis has to be done with respect to SuccessFactors’ stand, the insights on market share would be as follows:

  • Taleo – 7.8%
  • iCIMS – 7.4%
  • BambooHR – 4.9%
  • Workable – 4.7%
  • JazzHR – 4.6%

The remaining market share is divided across multiple companies.

Slintel’s dashboard also gives one information on which companies moved to SuccessFactors from which previous software or tool in the same industry. 44.26% of customers who used Taleo for human capital management purposes moved to SuccessFactors followed by Deltek (8.20%).

Similarly, clients using SuccessFactors are also moving towards their competition. Numbers from the Slintel dashboard reveal that 37.11% of customers who used SuccessFactors moved to Taleo. 11.34% of clients moved to iCIMS, 5.15% advanced to Deltek and Avature, and 4.12% moved to Jobvite and Workday Recruiting. Despite the switchovers, data reveals that no customers have made the switch to another human capital management vendor in January 2019.

Get Intelligent Business Insights From Slintel

The data shared here is just a sample of what you will find at Slintel's dashboard. Such solid industry information will allow you to optimize your processes, refine workflows, realign business strategies, set goals, reach out better to your potential customers, improve lead generation to conversion ratios and do more. This and many other probabilities are possible with Slintel, and all you have to do is to sign up here.