Slintel Product Updates – May 2021?

Product Updates

What’s new?

How you doin’? Last month, we introduced three new filters(!), confidence scores for technologies and keywords, and four new sub-categories under our Keywords feature. We also managed to get these new (and old) confidence scores onto our Salesforce and Pipedrive integrations, and promised to get these to HubSpot ASAP. 

As promised, we have introduced a host of new features to our HubSpot integration this month, making it as powerful as our Salesforce integration! Now, under field mapping for HubSpot, you can find the options to:

  • Transfer Technology and Keyword confidence scores
  • Add new fields to map
  • Toggle between “Overwrite” or “Fill Only If Blank” for fields

We have another HUGE update—Insta Reveal for leads! Along with this, we introduced a company description search and a few data expansion updates. Here’s the detailed breakdown on all of them.

Insta Reveal on Leads

Found a lead on our platform for which we don’t have data yet? Our new Insta Reveal feature is here to save you! You can see an “Insta Reveal” option right next to the lead on the Lead Insights page, or the individual Lead Details page [See below]

This will be available for both emails and phone numbers. Every time you click on the “Insta Reveal” button, we do an API call to see if the contact data is available. If it is, then similar to our Chrome Extension, you will be charged:

  • 1 credit for revealing an email address
  • 3 credits for revealing a phone number

HubSpot Integration Updates

To match up to our powerful Salesforce and Pipedrive integrations, we added additional functionalities to our HubSpot integration too. Catch ‘em all here:

What we added last month

Technology and Keyword Mapping

We added Technology and Keyword Mapping for HubSpot CRM integration too. You can now map either all or selected technology/keyword of your interest. You can access these under Settings-> Integration->YourCRM->Field Mapping->Technologies/Keywords

You can also filter the technologies used by companies/leads being sent to your CRM by their Technology Confidence Score, Technology Source, and Last Detected Date. Similarly, for Keywords, you can map the keywords you want to see on HubSpot and filter them by Keyword Confidence Score, Source and Last Detected Date. 

Add New Fields

You can now add new fields under Field Mapping on HubSpot too (along with Salesforce and Pipedrive). Want to map more than one technology? What about keywords?  You can add as many fields as you want to see on your HubSpot CRM. 

Toggle between “Overwrite” or “Fill Only If Blank” for field updates

Earlier, when you integrated Slintel with HubSpot, it used to overwrite your existing data on HubSpot for the contacts/accounts selected by default. With this new update, you now have the ability to choose whether you want to overwrite the data or only update the field if blank.

Company Description Search

We made the search function on our Company tab even more powerful. Now, search by company description; you can use the complete description or just a part. Once you enter a description or a sentence, it will show you companies who have those keywords in their name and their descriptions too. See it in action:

Data expansion

  1. Data refresh for 2500+ technologies ? 
  2. 850+ new technologies introduced
  3. 20+ new keywords introduced

In the oven and coming to you soon!

  1. Admin Controls for Salesforce: We will be moving configuration management for Salesforce to an organization level. Only admins will have access to settings and other organizational users will not be able to change settings. 
  2. Suppression Lists: An exciting way to help you keep your smart lists clean.

That’s All, Folks!

Those are the updates we have for now. We will keep updating you on all the new features we bring in, so stay tuned for more right here on our blog. 

Like what you see? If you are impressed with what our platform has to offer, you can talk to one of our account executives today to see how Slintel can help you land your next best deal! Talk to someone today.

Varsha Soni

Varsha Soni

Varsha Soni manages Content Marketing and Media at Slintel. She is wildly passionate about writing and is a leader in building content targeted at Marketing & Sales specialists.

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