Slintel Product Updates – March 2021

We are back at it again! We brought about some new features in January (check out the blog here, if you haven’t) and now, we are back with more. 

In addition to our ever-growing list of robust integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive, we have introduced HubSpot Enrich integration too! Now, you can have Slintel’s data enriched on HubSpot directly, eliminating the need to jump back and forth between the two. 

We also added the following small (but still impactful) features and made some tweaks we deemed useful for salespeople:

  • Your weekly alerts from Slintel are now personalized for you, based on your preferences 
  • We’ve increased our Confidence Score reach to Technologies and Keywords in addition to Companies. Now you can filter and sort companies according to the confidence scores assigned according to buying signals in addition to filters we already have. 
  • Saving the best for last: We introduced bulk prospecting from LinkedIn for our FREE Lead Finder Chrome Extension. Get hundreds of email addresses and phone numbers in one go by just searching the company name on LinkedIn!

Let’s jump right in and explore these updates. 

Integrations: HubSpot Enrich 

We have successfully (once again) integrated with Hubspot. We played the UNO Reverse card, and now, your contacts and accounts enriched directly on Hubspot. Thus, eliminating the need to constantly upload, enrich, download, and push enriched contacts. Even though our engineers loved the back and forth, we figured the non-engineering folk might find it tiresome. 

For more information check out our HubSpot Enrich Integration step-by-step guide. 

Weekly Alerts: Now based on your preferences

Getting weekly alerts for companies and leads that you don’t care about? Well, we told that bot to just stop (it’s sad that we made it leave) so you can now get weekly alerts on high-intent companies, company funding, acquisitions, executive movements, and lead job change information based on what you set in Your Sales Preferences

Keywords and Technologies: Added confidence scores

Love our high-confidence email feature? Well, we received so much praise that we brought this feature to your Keywords and Technologies tabs too. Now, when you look for companies that are related to a certain keyword or technology, you’ll find a tab for confidence score there. As you might have heard, confidence is key, and we are unlocking a lot of potential here, so go check it out.

Chrome Extension: Bulk prospecting with LinkedIn Navigator

We’re thrilled to tell you that we’ve rolled out one of the top requested features for our Chrome Extension: Bulk Prospecting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With this update, you can get access to direct dials and email addresses for multiple profiles from a single window. You can also export leads as a CSV using the ‘Export’ button. 

Download Slintel Lead Finder for Chrome

That’s all folks!

Those are the updates we have for now. We will keep updating you on all the new features we bring in, so stay tuned for more right here on our blog. 

Like what you see? If you are impressed with what our platform has to offer, you can talk to one of our account executives today to see how Slintel can help you land your next best deal! Talk to someone today.

Varsha Soni

Varsha Soni

Varsha Soni manages Content Marketing and Media at Slintel. She is wildly passionate about writing and is a leader in building content targeted at Marketing & Sales specialists.

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