Slintel Product Updates – April 2021?

Slintel Product Updates - April 2021

Aaaand, we’re back! Last month we made major strides in adding features for our Chrome extension (bulk prospecting through LinkedIn), and by introducing a widely-requested feature—integration with HubSpot Enrich—wherein you could update Slintel’s data directly on HubSpot. Read more about last month’s updates here.

In addition to the above, in April ’21, we added confidence scores to technologies and keywords, and to supplement that, we made it so that this data is available on your Salesforce and Pipedrive CRMs as well (coming soon for HubSpot users too!). With this, you can now see confidence scores and select other fields corresponding to Technologies and Keywords that you can now see against leads that you export from Slintel. 

Also, we introduced 3 new filters in the Leads and Companies section on top of the 15+ filters already present to help you narrow down your search to find your perfect prospect:

  • Products and Services
  • Skills
  • Interests

We increased our data coverage in some areas, and also have a Slack Integration coming up!

Here’s the full rundown of this month’s product updates.

#1 Technology Mapping – Salesforce and Pipedrive

You can now filter the technologies used by companies/leads being sent to your CRM by their Technology Confidence Score, Technology Source, and Last Detected Date. 

If you’re a  Salesforce or Pipedrive CRM user, you can access these under Settings -> Integration -> YourCRM -> Field Mapping -> Technologies.

You can further select the fields you want to see output as an output on your CRM for technologies detected for a particular lead/contact/company. Depending on what you select here, you will be able to see a preview. 

#2 Keyword Mapping – Salesforce and Pipedrive

You can now filter the keywords you want to send to your CRM by Last Detected Date, Keyword Source, and Keyword Confidence Score. You can also showcase this information on your CRM software. 

We’ve added these additional functionalities under our Keyword Mapping feature too on Salesforce and Pipedrive CRMs. You can access these by visiting Settings -> Integrations  -> YourCRM -> Field Mapping -> Technologies.

This way you can filter out low confidence keywords and see only the keywords that matter on your CRM.

You can further select the fields you want to see on your CRM for technologies sent. Depending upon what you select here, you will be able to see a preview. 

#3 New Filters – Products and Services, Interests, and Skills

We have introduced three new filters in the Company and Lead tabs on the dashboard:

Products and Services

You can find these filters on both the Company and Lead tabs. They let you filter leads and companies on the basis of their offering of products and services. 

Examples: Electronics, IT, SAP service


Interests are the prospect’s hobbies and pursuits. This filter is also available only on the Leads tab, and you can use this filter to find leads that match your detailed target persona. 

Example: Investment, Fashion, Education, Entertainment, Fitness


Skills are areas of professional expertise for the lead. This is present only on the Leads tab. You can use this filter to find leads that match your criteria of an ideal buyer.

Example: Sales Training, Business Development, Project Management, Sales Operations, Analytical Skills, Social Media, Adwords, Research, SEO/SEM Marketing 

#4 Data Expansion

  1. Data refresh for 4200+ technologies 
  2. 650+ new technologies
  3. 50+ new keywords 
  4. 4 new keyword sub-categories
    • Medical Furniture
    • Healthcare Devices
    • Financial Standards And Controls
    • Microfinance

What’s Cooking?

  1. A Slack Integration to get email alerts! You will soon be able to see notifications from the leads, companies, technologies, and jobs you follow right on your Slack account. 
  2. See information for technology adoption and deletion, executive movements, job postings and changes, and company funding and acquisitions alerts in your Slack notifications now. 
  3. Notifications center to have a pulse on what all is changing in your target segment (Notifications Setting to customer & control your alerts)
  4. Technology and keywords mapping for HubSpot: We will introduce the same functionality for Technologies and Keywords for HubSpot as well. Stay tuned!

That’s All, Folks!

Those are the updates we have for now. We will keep updating you on all the new features we bring in, so stay tuned for more right here on our blog. 

Like what you see? If you are impressed with what our platform has to offer, you can talk to one of our account executives today to see how Slintel can help you land your next best deal! Talk to someone today.

Harsha Annadurai

Harsha Annadurai

Harsha Annadurai handles Content and Product Marketing at Slintel. He has over three years of experience working in B2B SaaS Marketing and believes that failing fast, adapting quickly, and finding linearly scalable strategies is the key to a company’s success. He’s an obsessive music, gastronomy, and sneakers enthusiast.

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