Sales Webinars From 5 Companies You Shouldn’t Miss

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We write our blog posts with one simple goal in mind. To make you a better salesperson, marketer, or leader.

We’ve spoken about sales podcasts, we’ve spoken about B2B newsletters, and now, we’re here to talk about sales webinars. And honestly, if we have solid proof that adopting a kitten and naming him/her Alex can help you become an even better sales/marketing professional, we’d probably write about that too. 

Webinars are an amazing medium to learn from the experts, interact with them, and get to know about tactics and strategies that can help you bring in more revenue. And there are some great companies that host quality sales webinars out there today. Let’s look at a few of them.

#1 Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s Academy “Webinars with experts” features CRM training videos and tutorials that aim to take your CRM and sales skills to the next level. With quick videos to lengthy ones that aim to raise your level when it comes to CRM and the sales game. 

They have most definitely perfected the art with which you need to craft the webinars that solely focus on their product and how to get the most out of it.

This image is a screenshot of the PipeDrive company sales webinar page.

Sparkle Reason: With over 13 hours of run total time, their webinars are on a wide variety of topics such as sales and marketing; product demos; and ‘ask us anything’ sessions and of course their product.

#2 HubSpot 

If there is any company that does webinars justice, it is HubSpot. They are a class apart when it comes to hosting webinars and finding the most relevant topics to talk about. 

The minute you visit the free webinar page, you will be spoiled for choice. With dozens of webinars available at your fingertips for on-demand viewing, one can be sure to get lost in the webinar rabbit hole.

This image is a screenshot of the HubSpot company sales webinar page.

#3 Slintel

This image is a screenshot of the Slintel company sales webinar page.

You might have heard about our webinar series, Rambling Sessions, where Anupreet Singh, Slintel’s Head of Sales, converses with top sales experts across the globe to hear their thoughts on everything related to sales. 

We have featured some of the sales superstars like Dale Dupree, Wes Schaeffer, Michael Hanson, Rosalyn Santa Elena and Darryl Praill and more.

They share their insights, know-hows and tips on everything from LinkedIn branding to how to not hold a sales meeting and more. 

Our latest webinar is going to be held on June 03, 2021 where we are going to be talking with sales’ big guns, Todd Caponi, Mark Hunter and Drew Coryer to learn about improving revenue, growing your company, and optimizing sales practices.

Register here for the webinar.

#4 Trello

If Hubspot has the fancy blingy pages for their webinars, then Trello has managed to achieve the same effect with their simplistic and minimalistic design.

This image is a screenshot of the Trello company webinar page.

Right off the bat, you are presented with all the webinar on demand hub where you will find a balance between “Trello does this” to general topics revolving around sales, marketing, productivity and more. 

Sparkle Reason: Simplistic design to access the webinars allow you to directly start watching. Even though this is a free resource, they don’t lose their shine to many other gated webinar content. 

#5 Intercom

If you have reached this point in the blog post, then you would have hit upon the second gold mine when it comes to companies who are doing webinars right. 

Intercom webinars are something special where they rope in industry experts and have a conversation with them. Each webinar is filled with insights and best practice advice. What more do you need when it comes to webinars?

This image is a screenshot of the Intercom company webinar page.

As seen in the above example, this webinar presents the results about all the research they have done using surveys to find how team leads, managers, CX professionals and more measure and improve support quality. 

Sparkle Reason: Their guest list on the webinars are like the who’s-who of the business world. With these influential guests who are sharing their real life insights and experiences, Intercom manages to deliver not only to their customers but also to their potential users who may have not heard of them but would still like to hear what their guests have to say.

Wrapping Up

Crafting your own webinar might be a daunting task as there are a lot of intricacies involved when developing your webinar strategy. One of the best ways to approach this task is to look at what others are doing and put your own spin on it. 

Here, you will find some of the best practices in play from where you can draw your own strategy. Go on now, and webinar.

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha has been a wanderer most of her life. Having spent her life in a plethora of countries - India, Kuwait, Muscat, and the United States of America, she enjoys learning about different cultures and discovering new languages. She has dabbled in Medical Writing and Education Content Writing. She is an avid reader and when not writing, loves curling up with a book and hot chocolate.

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