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Last updated November 29, 2018

When it comes to a key function like sales, companies are more than willing to splash the cash. More often than not sales professionals at top companies leverage the best sales tools on the market. But it's not just the big fish anymore, nowadays even smaller companies and start-ups invest heavily on propping up their sales team.
The direct outcome of a healthy sales function is higher revenue, which is probably why companies spend so much. Given the kind of demand for sales tech, the best technology companies in the world are competing to provide the perfect sales tool.

The race isn't just restricted to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools either. The advancements in cloud technology, data analytics, artificial intelligence and process automation have completely changed the sales game. Some of the biggest players in the market have already integrated these technologies into their product, and others are following suit.


Sales Tech Customer Landscape

Sales is not just about the final deal closure. There are multiple steps that go into generating, nurturing and ultimately converting leads. It starts right from the pre-sales function to the final proposal.

Sales tools have steadily digitized each and every one of those steps for a more optimized sales flow throughout the funnel. With the abundance of data available, technology can tell you near about exactly what your customer needs.

The Sales Tech Customer Landscape is widespread, across multiple industries and sectors. Whether a company is B2B or B2C, its primary goal of selling its product is now being achieved through the use of Sales Tech, whether it be for sales forecasting, sales management, inside sales or anything in between.

By utilizing better analytics, Sales tools are making it much easier for sales people to figure out which leads are worth pursuing. These tools are also slowly leaning towards machine learning and AI to further streamline their processes.

Processes like forecasting, managing leads, price optimization and more are being optimized by these cutting-edge technologies, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As the situation stands today, sales which is not backed by technology has a very minimal chance of penetrating the market. The right sales tech is like one magnificent navigator that just shows you where to go and leads you right to the target, think Google maps but with revenue involved!


Why technographics is important

Technology insights are hard to come by. It's not like companies are out there divulging all their tech secrets for the world to know. This is where technographics come into play! 

With the aid of the right technological know-how, you can easily map out the existing sales tools that your target companies are using. For instance, if you're a sales intelligence or enablement company, then you must understand which CRM tool your customer is using, as you'll have to integrate with that system.

Even if you want to offer your customer a brand new platform altogether, you can utilize Technographics to look up competitors in your space, see who uses them and when their contracts are up for renewal.

You may be wondering where you can find such a comprehensive collection of data? Well the sales tool analysis that we've done above is all based on accurate real-time technology insights, and all of it comes from one source- Slintel.


The Heavy Hitters

  • Inside Sales

    Inside Sales is one of the top domains where automation is currently being implemented through technology. When it comes to non-physical contact, the right Sales tool can optimize the process of cold calling and keeping a lead warm.

    Slintel has captured more than 5800 users for Salesforce CRM, with organizations as diverse as Red Cross and Taco Bell opting for this product. Another big name here is Radius, which is a predictive B2B marketing tool. We have captured information about more than 1600 of its users, a list which includes HDFC Life and Las Vegas's own Ceasar's Group.
  • Predictive Lead Scoring

    Ranking leads and trying to predict how likely they are to convert is another key function of Sales technology. Predictive Lead Scoring is a method of predictive analytics that leads you towards high potential leads much more accurately than traditional methods.

    Here we have the data of almost 12,000 users who are using Pardot, including Amazon, ebay, Aricent, Blackberry, Shell and other such big companies. We also have the data for almost 10,000 users of Infusion Soft, who have added 24 users this month. We also have a list of 5000+ customers of Marketo and SalesForce.
  • Sales Forecasting

    Technology is also making it easier to accurately forecast sales performances. One of the top tools in this domain is LinkedIn's big offering which is Sales Navigator. We have the data listen for nearly 1.5 million of its active users, which includes everyone from Hyatt to ICICI to Ikea!

    We also have 1,400+ customers listed for Zoho CRM and more than 1,500 of Salesforce users who are relying on them to fulfil their Sales Forecasting needs.
  • Pricing Optimization

    Technology helps companies keep track of market and sales trend in order to offer the best possible price to the customer. This may mean a higher price due to demand or a lower price due to market saturation.

    We have over 8,600 customers listed for one of the market leaders in this front- Pros Smart CPQ. According to our data, they are catering mostly to small and medium stage companies as this is still a nascent industry, and most of the big players would have their own in-built price optimization tools.
  • Sales Enablement

    Sales Enablement consists of leveraging technology to enable the sales person to deliver the right message at the right time. It can encompass many functions including analytics, automation and project management.

    We have the data for nearly 1.5 m users of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as well as 5,000+ customers of Pros Smart CPQ. Slintel also has all the information about 1,200+ customers of Zoho and 1,500+ customers of Salesforce.

Choose the Slintel Way!

Slintel is a leading Technographics provider that monitors sales tool usage trends and existing IT systems of a vast number of companies. Odds are that we can help you find out exactly what your customer is using, so that you may leverage that to enhance your sales and marketing approach. We also provide Technographics for other business-critical functions such as Marketing and HR.

In an increasingly data-driven world, the only way for you to stay relevant is to tap into the right knowledge base. Slintel aims to provide just that!

So, if you're looking to tap into the power of Technographics to help boost your sales efforts, visit Slintel and see for yourself what we have to offer!