[Sales Quiz] What Kind of Salesperson Are You?

Ever tried a sales quiz to know what type of salesperson you are?

The world of sales is very diverse. Every salesperson has their own unique sales personality and set of sales skills that determine their own approach to sales. 

The more you understand this diversity, the better you’ll be able to focus on and build your core strengths. You might already have tons of questions in your mind:

  • How are my sales skills different from my peers? 
  • How similar or different am I to the vast majority of salespeople? 
  • How does my sales personality affect the way I make sales? 
  • How does it influence my results?

To address all your questions, we’ve put together a quick and fun sales quiz that assesses your sales persona, helping you better understand the kind of salesperson you are.

Common Selling Styles

To give you a bit of perspective before we head into the quiz, let’s take a look at the most common selling styles among salespeople:

  • WorkHorse: You love getting your hands dirty and putting in the hours to ensure you get that deal over the line. Your never-quit attitude means you’re unfazed when prospects give you the “no” because determination is your middle name.
  • Cyborg: Sales automation tools are your right hand, processed data is your fork and customers are what you eat to feed your insatiable hunger that is fueled by the potential of technology. There’s no such thing as good enough for you because you’re always looking for ways to improve.
  • Captain Liaison: “Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart” is your motto. You’re not the type to go out of your way to get something done, but you make the most out of the resources around you. All that’s important is the final result and that’s what you deliver, even if it’s by the smallest fraction.
  • Maverick: You often find yourself thinking “It’s my way or the highway”. A non-conformist, you don’t pay heed to others’ perception of success because you have full faith in your own execution. You’re not afraid of upsetting your peers or breaking the rules to ensure things happen your way.
  • Sales Celebrity: Your personality is a mighty tool that turns nos into yeses. You’re a gift to your followers on LinkedIn and a solution to businesses that associate with you. Every word you say is right even when it’s wrong. Why can’t we be more like you?

So, are you the ‘Maverick’ who has their own way of doing things? Or are you the kind to work smarter rather than harder like ‘Captain Liasion’? Or maybe something else? 

Let’s find out!

The Sales Personality Quiz

So, which personality type did you get? Did you get the Work Horse? The Cyborg? Or maybe the Sales Celebrity? 

Did the results surprise you or did you find what you expected? Connect with us on social media to tell us what kind of salesperson you are using #SalesWhizQuiz!

Tips To Sharpen Your Sales Skills

  1. Attend seminars and sales training sessions
  2. Find an ideal mentor to guide you
  3. Always keep your mind open to new strategies and processes
  4. Practice public speaking and the art of asking the right questions.
  5. Learn how to use follow-up strategies to garner responses.
  6. Assess yourself as a salesperson and put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Parting Thoughts

And lastly, remember that all salespeople are unique. One type of salesperson isn’t necessarily better than the other. There’s no norm. And that is exactly why the world of sales is so diverse.

If you liked this sales quiz, be sure to share it with your friends and colleagues and find out what type of salesperson they are.

Vasisht Nagarkatti

Vasisht Nagarkatti

Vasisht Nagarkatti handles content marketing at Slintel. A content ninja, Vasisht relishes any opportunity to get his creative juices flowing. Marketing, sales, journalism, music, photography, filmmaking and web design are a few trades that Vasisht may find himself dabbling in.

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