Sales People As Per Their Zodiac Signs

Sales People As Per Their Zodiac Signs

We humans have been trying to get insights into our lives based on the stars for thousands of years. 

Why? Because, well—it’s easier to blame things on anything other than ourselves—even if it’s celestial bodies!

We know that everyone has the ability to be funny every now and then (even boring Ben from the bank), but nobody will send you rolling on the floor as a Sagittarian can. How do we know? It’s written in the stars (and in those astrology-related articles on the internet)! If you’ve ever wondered what your sales personality type is as per your zodiac sign, you’ve come to the right place. Ever wondered what your sales personality type is as per your zodiac sign? Let’s find out in this article.

But here’s a disclaimer before we proceed—we’re not astrology geniuses. All we’re trying to do here is bring some cosmic comedy to the sales world. So, let’s take this with a pinch of salt!

Aries – The competitive ones

It’s the first zodiac sign on the list and rightly so—you’re energetic, charismatic, optimistic, and impulsive. With all these qualities, you definitely make for a well-rounded sales rep. 

You give it your all to achieve your targets and stop at nothing. But bear in mind that not everyone is as bullish as you are when it comes to making purchase decisions. So, patience is your best friend.

Unsolicited tip: Join a Zumba or a Tai Chi class to channel your excessive energy.

Taurus – The best negotiators

You’re confident and the one to stand up for yourself, which makes you shine during the negotiation stages. You are detail-oriented and empathetic. Simply put, your sense of resource management and your willingness to go the extra mile for any task makes you the most reliable member of the team.

You also have a strong desire for extravagance, greatness, and all the finer things in life. In the Harry Potter universe, you’d be slotted into Slytherin (and look what that did to Voldemort!). But this universe is a much more realistic one and calls for self-control. Therefore, remember to put a leash on the bull in you so that you don’t end up losing good contacts.

Unsolicited tip: Take three deep breaths every time you feel your temper rise when your lead asks for “better pricing”.

Gemini – The versatile ones

‘The Twins’ are naturally successful at sales owing to the dual personalities that make you super adaptable to any situation. If you’re sending out cold emails, you’ll know exactly which subject line to use for any particular segment. You are clever, flexible, and extroverted. 

There’s never a dull moment when there’s a Gemini in the room—which means a busy booth with organic walk-ins at tradeshows! Besides, your exceptional communication skills and the ability to find a common ground with others make you invincible at cold calling and discussions at conferences.

Unsolicited tip: Maintain a journal that reminds you to wear the right personality in front of the right prospect. Mixing these up may cost you a lot.

Cancer – The emotional ones

Shy and soft on the inside, shielding all your thoughts and opinions to keep the world at a distance—isn’t that you, Cancerian? One may argue that your shyness may keep you from talking extensively during sales calls, but that’s far from the truth. As is the case with those who talk less, you folks are really good listeners which helps you get your prospects and leads open up about their business needs. 

Your tendency to get emotional is a gift and it’s sure to help you cultivate long-lasting relationships and a solid network in your industry.

Unsolicited tip: Never let anyone tell you that you’re overreacting. Maybe you are, but why should anyone else tell you that?

Leo – The obvious leaders

This sign is possibly the most accurately represented sign when it comes to its symbol. Just like the lion, Leos are natural leaders. Your irresistible charm is sure to engage and convince even the most difficult leads, making you the best kind of an SDR, or even an SDR manager, to close those tricky deals. 

Your generosity and your knack for people management make you likable among your colleagues and customers alike. One thing that you may want to ensure is that you don’t let your authoritativeness play a bad joke on you. Practice restraint when you have to allow others to shine.

Unsolicited tip: Grab a shovel and bury the dead body need to always be the alpha. You know you are one, why bother proving it?

Virgo – The perfectionists

Virgos are THE MOST pragmatic signs out of the lot. You are grounded, fiercely loyal, self-effacing, and methodical in your work. You are fixers by nature—once you notice even the tiniest of problems, you do your homework, make notes, work on it, and rest only after you have put the issue to rest. 

Additionally, your fastidious nature makes you notice the most elusive details even with legal contracts. Thus, if there’s anybody who can find the right loopholes and use them to their advantage, it’s you, my Virgo friend!

Unsolicited tip: Curiosity killed the cat and overthinking may kill you. Take it easy. Life is beautiful.

Libra – The most balanced

Libras are lovers of balance, harmony, peace, and fairness. Being in sales fits your character because of your innate ability to be easygoing, sociable, and people-oriented. 

You know very well that not every cold email will get you a meeting, not every meeting will push the lead to the next stage, and not every lead will become a customer. You are aware of the uncertainty of things and yet somehow you have no trouble reaching your quota. Why, because of your healthy emotional quotient. 

You bring calm in the chaos and ensure that you don’t let anything deter you from putting in more effort.

Unsolicited tip: An upset Libra is oftentimes more mad at themselves. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Scorpio – The analytical ones

Scorpios are as mysterious as they come. Are you stressed about that important demo? Did your cold calling campaign hit the bull’s eye? Is your Salesforce updated? Nobody will ever know! You are persistent, have exceptional analytical skills, and are the best at conducting research. 

You stand by your beliefs and don’t bother waiting for external validation. You are not a big fan of conversations which may make prospecting feel like torture for you. But you gotta do what you gotta do!

Unsolicited tip: Loosen up a bit. Forward one of Slintel’s posts instead of an HBR article to that colleague of yours for a change.

Sagittarius – The “Geshido!” folks

Want to get the job done well and in time? Find a Sagittarian! You love freedom, you shine in social setups, you are optimistic and you like having fun. You are talented and ridiculously extroverted which makes you great at prospecting. 

While sending cold emails may seem boring to you, there’s absolutely no one who will drive a conversation on the phone, on a video call, or at a networking conference like the way you can. Once you set your heart on something, there’s no stopping you from achieving it.

Unsolicited tip: Your talkative nature often makes you prone to foot-in-mouth disease. Reduce your flexibility so that your foot remains where it should be.

Capricorn – The “all or nothing” type

You strive for respect and financial security. This is exactly what distinguishes a great SDR from any other SDR because you not only excel at earning respect for yourselves but also at raking in dollars for your organization. 

The sea goat symbol is a perfect representation of the balance that you maintain in the face of absurdity. You know exactly when you need to be assertive and when you need to play on the backfoot. Your ability to drive sales prospecting dialogues with tact and wit is what makes you a star salesperson, Capricorn!

Unsolicited tip: Smile more often. Your perpetually focused face may scare your colleagues away.

Aquarius – The best listeners

In a world that’s full of people fighting to snatch the mic from one another, you’re a rare breed that actually wants to listen. You have no idea how much your customers love you, because who else is going to patiently listen to a prospect go on and on for two hours about how their quarterly budgets have taken a hit due to “unforeseen reasons”? 

You are clever, optimistic, self-reliant, and attentive. You don’t need cold calling scripts because you know exactly how to warm those cold leads with your smooth talks.

Unsolicited tip: We’ve got only so many good listeners and we must protect them. So, no advice for you; you’re perfect :’)

Pisces – The dreamers

Perpetual daydreamers, you folks seem to always be tucked into your own little world where targets don’t exist and every call converts. You are natural empaths and you can sense the true reason behind why people act the way they do. This makes you great at devising targeted campaigns to meet your leads right where they are in the sales cycle. 

Your cold emails sound personal, your cold calls are full of warmth—your prospects love talking to you. If you are able to let data take precedence over dreaminess, the sales world will be your kingdom!

Unsolicited tip: Don’t sit on the fence with your issues. Firstly, fences are uncomfortable to sit on. Secondly, indecisiveness maketh not a good SDR.

So, we’re saying

It’s known that everyone needs a myth to hold onto. Salespeople, even more so, because there’s a lot (of targets) riding on their back. Each one of these zodiac signs has its own unique charm, and we’re hoping that you must have read (and reread) the part that was relevant to you and nodded in agreement. 

Was this accurate? Did you find parts that you could relate to? Did you find parts that reminded you of someone you know? Tell us everything and share this article with your fellow salespeople so that all of us can find faults in our stars and pin the blame on them.



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