15 Sales Experts to Follow On Social Media

Sales Experts to Follow

Embarking on a perilous journey always requires a mentor. 

X-Men had Charles Xavier, Mulan had Mushu the Dragon, and Luke Skywalker had Yoda.

So who is your mentor?

It is no different in the world of sales. We all need someone to show us the ropes every now and then. 

Thanks to social media, salespeople looking to hone their skills can now listen, read and absorb the collective experience of the best minds in the world. Sales experts are also very motivated to teach and share their knowledge, making it easy for you to learn from many of them in one consolidated feed. 

Here is a list of sales experts you need to follow on social media today.

Sales Experts You Must Follow

#1 Belal Batrawy 

Belal Batrawy is a SaaS Startup Advisor, speaker and a Crunchbase Leader to Follow. If you are looking to learn more in 30 minutes as opposed to weeks of training, then keeping an eye out for Belal’s posts is the way to go! 

He believes in sharing candid and realistic, no fluff posts which encourages you to think and assimilate.

#2 Justin Michael 

Justin Michael believes in “To disrupt the industry you must first disrupt yourself”. He is the Co-founder of HYPCCCYCL, co-authored “Tech Powered Sales”, and has set records for full cycle revenue creation in cutting edge AdTech/MarTech and SaaS startups. 

You can see him actively posting about different things under the umbrella of sales and marketing on his LinkedIn. 

#3 Todd Caponi 

Todd Caponi is the founder, speaker, and workshop leader at Sales Melon. Apart from that, he is a transparency nerd, sales & science amalgamator, sales historian, author of The Transparency Sale, speaker, trainer, and talks about #salestips, #negotiation, #saleshistory, #salesleadership, and #transparencysale. 

#4 Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter is author of “A Mind for Sales” “High-Profit Prospecting” and “High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price.”, trainer at The Sales Hunter, speaker, and a sales leader.

Recognized as a Top 50 Most Influential Sales and Marketing Leader, Hunter travels globally nearly 230 days per year, working with companies to help them grow their top-line sales and bottom-line profits.

He talks about #sales, #mindset, #prospecting, #salesleadership, and #salesmotivation

#5 Drew Croyer

Drew Croyer is the Enterprise SDR Manager at Formstack and Founding Member at Sales Hacker Inc. He is skilled in sales training, data evaluation, sales management, lead generation, team building, SaaS sales, cold calling, and customer retention. You can find him on LinkedIn, often talking about #sales, #coaching, #saassales, #leadership, and #salesdevelopment. 

# 6 Mark Shalinsky

Mark Shalinsky is Chief Optimization Officer at Data Sales Science, LLC and a leading figure in the data analytics side of sales, operations, marketing, and revenue modeling. You can find him sharing sales hacks, cold call and sales effectiveness tips, data, and a lot more. 

#7 Sally Duby

Sally Duby is the Chief Sales Officer at The Bridge Group, Inc. and was named the Top Women in Sales in 2020. She is passionate about helping tech companies realize the full potential of virtual selling, inside sales and sales development. 

#8 Wes Schaeffer

Wes Schaeffer is the Chief Whispering Officer at The Sales Whisperer. He is also the author of “The Sales Whisperer® Way”, the creator of and He is also a Keap CRM & HubSpot Partner and the host of The Sales Podcast & The CRM Sushi Podcast. 

He talks about #mindset, #marketing, #crmsolutions, and #salestraining.

#9 Andy Paul

Andy Paul is the founder of The Sales House and is the host of Sales Enablement Podcast. He is an author who has two award-winning sales books under his belt – “Zero-Time Selling” and “Amp Up Your Sales”. Andy is one of the pioneers behind the sales podcast format and possibly it’s earliest proponent, so you know he’s the real deal.

He also ranks #8 on LinkedIn’s list of Top 50 Global Sales Experts. Be sure to catch him talking about #sales, #salescareer, and #salesperformance. 

#10 Fred Diamond   

Fred Diamond is the president and co-founder of The Institute for Excellence in Sales. He helps sales leaders attain, motivate, retain, and elevate top-tier sales talent. Apart from this, he is also the producer and the host of the award-winning Sales Game Changers Podcast. 

His belief “marketing that doesn’t lead to revenue reward is a huge waste of time and money” discerns that marketing should be all  about accelerating the sales process. Ultimately “It’s about sales.”

#11 Dale Dupree

Dale Dupree is the Founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion. His method is renowned for teaching sales teams to rebel against “typical” results, having created the first gamified community for sellers called “Rebel Refuge”.

Dale is also the host of Selling Local podcast, a sales therapist, public speaker and the author of How to Start a Sales Rebellion: Tales of the Copier Warrior. 

He talks about #b2b, #sales, #legacy, #changethegame, and #experientialmarketing. 

#12 Collin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell is the Chief Revenue Officer at Salescast. His mission is to find the diamonds in the rough — the people that never got a shot, the ones who see things differently and appreciate that still small voice that tells them to keep going.

He is also the host of Sales Hustle Podcast, father of 3, a swimmer and a mindfulness nerd. He talks about #sales, #podcasts, #salestips, #podcasting, and #salespodcast

#13 Tony J. Hughes

Tony J. Hughes is the Co-founder and Sales Innovation Director at SalesIQ Global, a keynote speaker, best-selling author of The Joshua Principle, Leadership Secrets of Selling, COMBO Prospecting, and the co- author of Tech-Powered Sales.

He is also a sales trainer and enjoys talking about #sales, #salestips, #prospecting, #strategicsale, and #salesenablement. Make sure to be a part of his 320,000 strong LinkedIn following. 

#14 Rosalyn Santa Elena

Rosalyn Santa Elena is the Vice President, Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j. She is an advisor for several high-growth startups on all things GTM and Operations, an active leader of Revenue Operations in multiple communities and platforms, and the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast.

Her mission is to elevate the Ops function & Ops professionals. She is also the founder of the #OpsTherapy group where all ops pros can share experience & expertise.

Rosalyn believes in the “roll up your sleeves, dive in, and get stuff done – together” way.

#15 Darryl Praill

Darryl Praill is the Chief Revenue Officer at VanillaSoft, with a lot of accolades to his name. A Top 10 SaaS Branding Expert in 2020, A top 19 B2B Marketer to Follow, and Top Sales World’s Top 50 Keynote Speakers 2020.

He can usually be seen talking about about #sales, #hiring, #marketing, #prailltale, and #perspective.

Final Thoughts

It is often difficult to separate the hidden gems who are the real experts from the self-proclaimed ones. The trick is to find experts you would want to follow and learn from. 

We hope you find your very own Gandalf to your Frodo! 

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha Malali

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