35 Sales Experts You NEED to Follow on LinkedIn (Updated: Aug 2021)

Sales Experts to Follow

Embarking on a perilous journey always requires a mentor. 

X-Men had Charles Xavier, Mulan had Mushu the Dragon, and Luke Skywalker had Yoda.

So who is your mentor?

It is no different in the world of sales. We all need someone to show us the ropes every now and then. 

Thanks to social media, salespeople looking to hone their skills can now listen, read and absorb the collective experience of the best minds in the world. Sales experts are also very motivated to teach and share their knowledge, making it easy for you to learn from many of them in one consolidated feed. 

Here is a list of sales experts you need to follow on social media today.

Sales Experts You Must Follow

#1 Belal Batrawy 

Belal Batrawy is a SaaS Startup Advisor, speaker and a Crunchbase Leader to Follow. If you are looking to learn more in 30 minutes as opposed to weeks of training, then keeping an eye out for Belal’s posts is the way to go! 

He believes in sharing candid and realistic, no fluff posts which encourages you to think and assimilate.

#2 Justin Michael 

Justin Michael believes in “To disrupt the industry you must first disrupt yourself”. He is the Co-founder of HYPCCCYCL, co-authored “Tech Powered Sales”, and has set records for full cycle revenue creation in cutting edge AdTech/MarTech and SaaS startups. 

You can see him actively posting about different things under the umbrella of sales and marketing on his LinkedIn. 

#3 Todd Caponi 

Todd Caponi is the founder, speaker, and workshop leader at Sales Melon. Apart from that, he is a transparency nerd, sales & science amalgamator, sales historian, author of The Transparency Sale, speaker, trainer, and talks about #salestips, #negotiation, #saleshistory, #salesleadership, and #transparencysale. 

#4 Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter is author of “A Mind for Sales” “High-Profit Prospecting” and “High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price.”, Trainer/Consultant at The Sales Hunter, speaker, and a sales leader.

Recognized as a Top 50 Most Influential Sales and Marketing Leader, Hunter travels globally nearly 230 days per year, working with companies to help them grow their top-line sales and bottom-line profits.

He talks about #sales, #mindset, #prospecting, #salesleadership, and #salesmotivation

#5 Drew Croyer

Drew Croyer is the Enterprise SDR Manager at Formstack and Founding Member at Sales Hacker Inc. He is skilled in sales training, data evaluation, sales management, lead generation, team building, SaaS sales, cold calling, and customer retention. You can find him on LinkedIn, often talking about #sales, #coaching, #saassales, #leadership, and #salesdevelopment. 

# 6 Mark Shalinsky

Mark Shalinsky is Chief Optimization Officer at Data Sales Science, LLC and a leading figure in the data analytics side of sales, operations, marketing, and revenue modeling. You can find him sharing sales hacks, cold call and sales effectiveness tips, data, and a lot more. 

#7 Sally Duby

Sally Duby is the Chief Sales Officer at The Bridge Group, Inc. and was named the Top Women in Sales in 2020. She is passionate about helping tech companies realize the full potential of virtual selling, inside sales and sales development. 

#8 Wes Schaeffer

Wes Schaeffer is the Chief Whispering Officer at The Sales Whisperer. He is also the author of “The Sales Whisperer® Way”, the creator of and He is also a Keap CRM & HubSpot Partner and the host of The Sales Podcast & The CRM Sushi Podcast. 

He talks about #mindset, #marketing, #crmsolutions, and #salestraining.

#9 Andy Paul

Andy Paul is the founder of The Sales House and is the host of Sales Enablement Podcast. He is an author who has two award-winning sales books under his belt – “Zero-Time Selling” and “Amp Up Your Sales”. Andy is one of the pioneers behind the sales podcast format and possibly it’s earliest proponent, so you know he’s the real deal.

He also ranks #8 on LinkedIn’s list of Top 50 Global Sales Experts. Be sure to catch him talking about #sales, #salescareer, and #salesperformance. 

#10 Fred Diamond   

Fred Diamond is the president and co-founder of The Institute for Excellence in Sales. He helps sales leaders attain, motivate, retain, and elevate top-tier sales talent. Apart from this, he is also the producer and the host of the award-winning Sales Game Changers Podcast. 

His belief “marketing that doesn’t lead to revenue reward is a huge waste of time and money” discerns that marketing should be all  about accelerating the sales process. Ultimately “It’s about sales.”

#11 Dale Dupree

Dale Dupree is the Founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion. His method is renowned for teaching sales teams to rebel against “typical” results, having created the first gamified community for sellers called “Rebel Refuge”.

Dale is also the host of Selling Local podcast, a sales therapist, public speaker and the author of How to Start a Sales Rebellion: Tales of the Copier Warrior. 

He talks about #b2b, #sales, #legacy, #changethegame, and #experientialmarketing. 

#12 Collin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell is the Chief Revenue Officer at Salescast. His mission is to find the diamonds in the rough — the people that never got a shot, the ones who see things differently and appreciate that still small voice that tells them to keep going.

He is also the host of Sales Hustle Podcast, father of 3, a swimmer and a mindfulness nerd. He talks about #sales, #podcasts, #salestips, #podcasting, and #salespodcast

#13 Tony J. Hughes

Tony J. Hughes is the Co-founder and Sales Innovation Director at SalesIQ Global, a keynote speaker, best-selling author of The Joshua Principle, Leadership Secrets of Selling, COMBO Prospecting, and the co- author of Tech-Powered Sales.

He is also a sales trainer and enjoys talking about #sales, #salestips, #prospecting, #strategicsale, and #salesenablement. Make sure to be a part of his 320,000 strong LinkedIn following. 

#14 Rosalyn Santa Elena

Rosalyn Santa Elena is the Vice President, Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j. She is an advisor for several high-growth startups on all things GTM and Operations, an active leader of Revenue Operations in multiple communities and platforms, and the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast.

Her mission is to elevate the Ops function & Ops professionals. She is also the founder of the #OpsTherapy group where all ops pros can share experience & expertise.

Rosalyn believes in the “roll up your sleeves, dive in, and get stuff done – together” way.

#15 Darryl Praill

Darryl Praill is the Chief Revenue Officer at VanillaSoft, with a lot of accolades to his name. A Top 10 SaaS Branding Expert in 2020, A top 19 B2B Marketer to Follow, and Top Sales World’s Top 50 Keynote Speakers 2020.

He can usually be seen talking about about #sales, #hiring, #marketing, #prailltale, and #perspective.

#16 Ashleigh Early

Ashleigh Early is the Head of Sales at The Duckbill Group. She is a sales cheerleader, a coach and a consultant. Her mission is to enable companies and sales professionals to achieve sustainable growth by emphasizing empathy and humanity through science. 

With over a decade of experience at the Silicon Valley icons like Okta, FireEye, Mattermark to early-stage startups, she dubs herself as “The Other Sales Coach” because she does not subscribe to any specific methodologies or methods. 

She believes that nothing in sales fits the ”one-size-fits-all” mould and therefore she adapts her coaching to the individual, and her consulting to the unique intersection of product, people and industry. 

She can be seen talking about #sales, #training, #prospecting, #mentalhealth, and #salesdevelopment.

#17 Kasey Jones

Kasey Jones is currently working as a Thought Leadership and Growth Coach for Entrepreneurs at A Better Jones. She is also a growth and branding coach, and a startup mentor. She has been named one of the Top 50 Influential Women in Sales and has worked with 100+ start ups and coached entrepreneurs in over 7 countries. 

She talks about #founders, #entrepreneur, #startupadvice, #personalbranding, and #thoughtleadership.

#18 Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson is the Director of Sales at InsideOut. She is an Award Winning Sales & Marketing Leader with over 20 years of experience who believes in the statement: “The difference between creativity and innovation — execution.”

She is usually seen talking about #sales, #leadership, #womeninsales, #salestraining, and #socialselling.

#19  Katherine McConnell

Katherine McConnell is a Sales and Marketing Strategist and Operations Consultant at Catalytic Sales and Marketing. She is known for connecting people and ideas to create traction and impact for early stage founders and is part of LinkedIn Top 100 Stars of 2020

She can be found talking passionately about #events, #startups, #community, #leadership, and #partnerships on LinkedIn.

#20 Erynn Bell

Erynn Bell is an Enterprise Account Executive at Ecapture. She works to help financial institutions modernize workflows through the use of intelligent document automation & OCR. Not only this, but she is also a tech enthusiast and loves SaaS, disruptive technology and changing people’s perspectives.

You can find her on LinkedIn talking frequently about #sales, #innovation, and #digitaltransformation.

#21 Keith Daw

Keith Daw is the VP of GSD and Trainer at McDonell Consulting Group. He is a growth architect who works to help you amplify not only your profits but also your teams. He is a public speaker, an executive coach and a sales trainer. 

He also specializes in training on how to leverage LinkedIn, sales enablement, enterprise sale solutions and employee engagement.

#22 Marcus A. Chan

Marcus A. Chan is the President/Founder of Venli Consulting Group LLC. But before making waves with his company, he is a sales heavyweight champion that spent 14 years working in corporate America. He has broken many sales records, won awards,  trips and trophies, and hired/trained/coached/mentored thousands of people.

He can be seen talking on LinkedIn about #sales, #b2bsales, #presidentsclub, #winningmindset, and #sellmoresellbetter.

#23 Kyle Coleman

Kyle Coleman is the VP of Revenue, Growth and Enablement at Clari. He is  an avid runner, reader, podcast listener, and a proud corgi owner. He is an optimist and believes in pursuing challenges and problems with vigor and positivity! 

He talks mostly about #sdr and #sales. 

#24 Mark Kosoglow

Mark Kosoglow is the VP of Sales at Outreach where he is building the most powerful sales team in the world selling (and using) the most powerful sales tool known to man! With over more than a decade of experience of running a small business with 200+ employees he managed to revive and create a highly profitable sales territory. 

He stands by the following thought provoking quote – “Sales won’t stop changing. Have you?” On LinkedIn he can be seen talking about #repshate and #execshate.

#25 Collin Cadmus   

Collin Cadmus is the Founder of Collin Cadmus LLC. He is a 3x sales leader, a sales consultant, strategic advisor, and an executive coach. He is the creator and host of the Collin Cadmus podcast. This podcast contains value-packed episodes covering all things sales, careers, and leadership, with a diverse group of expert guests. 

He spends his time on LinkedIn talking about #sales, #careers, and #leadership.

#26 Morgan J Ingram 

Morgan J Ingram is the Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales Training who guides sales reps break through the noise and prospect better. He is the host of the 1UP Formula Podcast, and back to back LinkedIn Top Sales Voice in 2018, 2019, and 2020. He was also named a “Top 25 Sales Development Thought Leader” by Inside Sales. 

When not working, he enjoys watching sports, playing video games, watching movies and reading books. He can be seen passionately talking about #sales, #coldcalling, #prospecting, #salesadvice, and #salesdevelopment. 

#27 Chaniqua (Nikki) Ivey

Chaniqua (Nikki) Ivey is the Director of Sales at Assembly. With more than a decade of experience in Sales, she is making waves by publishing content and building communities around the deeply held belief that attracting, supporting and retaining diverse talent is a professional and personal imperative. 

Her goal is to work together to create the inclusive, diverse respectful future that naysayers never believed in! And to invite them along for the journey. She spends her time on LinkedIn talking about #b2b, #sales, #culture, #diversity, and #inclusion.

#28 Galem Girmay

Galem Girmay is a Sales Executive at GoContractor and a host of the “What Is Your Legacy” Podcast. She turns a normal conversation into a meaningful one and works tirelessly to empower women in sales. 

#29 Niraj Kapur

Niraj Kapur is the Managing Director at Everybody Works in Sales. He is a sales coach, LinkedIn trainer, and an international speaker. He was part of the Salesforce Top Influencers 2021 list, and is the author of Everybody Works In Sales and The Easy Guide to Sales for Business Owners

#30 Cynthia Barnes

Cynthia Barnes is the Founder and CEO at National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP), the host of Unstoppable, with Cynthia Barnes Podcast,  2020 Top LinkedIn Influencer, a keynote speaker and an author. 

She lives by one motto: “I’m in it to Win It”. With her 20-year track record as a Top 1% corporate producer and sales leader she proves that one can accomplish what one sets out to do and overcome any adversity, come hell or high water if one is  courageous, disciplined, and willing to put in the work. 

Cynthia can be seen talking about #sales, #diversity, #inclusion, #womeninsales, and #salestraining.

#31 Ronnell Richards

Ronnell Richards is a serial entrepreneur that helps other entrepreneurs be better sellers with Ronnell Richards LLC. He is also the host of the Business & Bourbon Podcast,, sales strategist, and a business coach.

Ronnell and his business has been featured on numerous publications like, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gwinnett Magazine, Gwinnett Business Journal, and many more.

He spends his time on LinkedIn talking about #sales, #business, #leadership, #entrepreneurship, and #growthstrategies.

#32 Sue Singh 

Sue Singh is a Customer Success & Project Manager at NextBee, a host of The Sales Outcast podcast, listed in the Top 100 LinkedIn Sales Star 2021 and a mental health advocate. 

With over 15 years of experience in sales and business development she likes to don several hats and can quite be a ‘jack of all trades’. 

On LinkedIn she can be seen using her experience and voice to talk about #sales #salesleadership  #careerbuilding #mentorship #leadership #mentalwellbeing.

#33 Larry Long Jr

Larry Long Jr is the CEO (Chief Energy Officer) and Keynote Speaker at LLJR Enterprises. He founded Larry Long Jr, LLC, to help people, teams, and organizations go from good to great. With over 16+years of experience talking to individuals and teams, he has been coaching and training numerous sales organizations. 

He talks mostly about #sales, #mindset, #business, #motivation, and #networking.

#34 Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson is the Founder of Why Sales Network, an Adjunct Professor of Business at San Jancinto College, Texas. She is passionate about mentorship and student development. She has published several books such as  Why Sales for College Students; Top 10 Sales Tips for College Grads; Get A Job Today – 5 Things You Need to Know. She also hosts a podcast called “Let’s Talk About It #collegelife.”

#35 DeJuan A. Brown 

DeJuan A. Brown is the Director, Solutions Specialist at Microsoft and a Member of The Board of Advisors at Fringe. 

He has always had a passion for people and service. That passion has translated, decades later, most naturally into sales. He has had significant success as an individual contributor, and as a sales leader, and still believes that sales is a human contact sport.

Final Thoughts

It is often difficult to separate the hidden gems who are the real experts from the self-proclaimed ones. The trick is to find experts you would want to follow and learn from. 

We hope you find your very own Gandalf to your Frodo! 

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha Malali

Sushmitha has been a wanderer most of her life. Having spent her life in a plethora of countries - India, Kuwait, Oman, and the United States of America, she enjoys learning about different cultures and discovering new languages. She has dabbled in Medical Writing and Education Content Writing. She is an avid reader and when not writing, loves curling up with a book and hot chocolate.

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