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Whether it’s on LinkedIn, at conventions, or during a podcast, the most successful salesfolk can often be found as a tight-knit bunch. 

Dare I say your sales network can be, if not more, just as important as your sales skills. So, if you’re looking to find your place amongst the sales hierarchy, look no further!  

Here are 6 sales communities that’ll help you initiate conversations with the who’s who of the sales world, and set you on your path towards sales stardom.

The 6 Best Sales Communities to Help Give Your Sales Network a Makeover

1. RevGenius

If revenue is the game, RevGenius is possibly the hottest space to be at right now. In this day and age, GTM siloes are no longer conducive to the revenue-first approach that drives successful businesses today. And breaking the walls between sales, marketing, customer success, and other GTM teams is exactly what the RevGenius community is built for. 

You’re bound to find some of the greatest minds from every nook and corner of the GTM realm that are willing to help you at no cost. Whether it’s queries, advice, insights, hacks, news, professional relationship-building, or simply sharing your thoughts, RevGenius is your go-to community. 

The 5 Best Sales Communities - RevGenius

RevGenius’ magazine, podcasts, webinars, live events, and tech offers are great add-ons. And if you’d like to take it a step further, you can enroll yourself into RevLeague’s coaching program that promises to help you book 25% more meetings.

Check them out here.

2. r/sales

The infamous sales subreddit is as raw and real as it gets. This is where real legends go to hang out in between calls and when they’re busy making room for lunch.

From deal-winning insights to cringeworthy sales TIFU confessions; from uncensored workplace frustrations to stories about the smaller wins in life; from nifty sales hacks to unexpected job opportunities, r/sales gives you a (un)healthy dose of what exactly it means to be in sales.

The Most Fun Sales Communitiy - r/sales

If there’s one thing that’s missing on r/sales it’s you, so here you go. Oh, and you probably don’t want to sign up with your real name. You’ll thank me later!

3. Bravado (RIP Corporate Bro)

If Corporate Bro’s Slack channel had to give way to something new, it better not have disappointed. And disappoint it didn’t. Bravado is a pleasant mix of Corporate Sales Bro’s fun ethos, along with way more practical aspects of a comprehensive professional community.

In fact, the Bravado sales community platform has way more to offer. From their war rooms that give you access to the best professional sales advice and AMAs, to Bravado Academy that has a ton of free killer sales resources, to their job portal solution that vets salespeople towards getting their dream job, and the list goes on… 

What more can you ask from a sales community?

The Most Functional Sales Community -


But to get in, you’ll first have to go through a thorough LinkedIn verification process. Once you’re in, you’ll get to have your profile scored on the basis of customer testimonials from within the Bravado community. Your score improves with the credibility you build within the community, and soon, maybe you’ll have FAANG vying to secure your employment.   

Check it out for yourself here.

4. Sales Hacker

What if you could find a repository of in-depth sales content packaged together with the biggest sales community to share your learnings and thoughts? Enter Sales Hacker, the largest online sales community with over 166,000 sales professionals.

The Biggest Sales Community - Sales Hacker

This community has all the sales content you’ve been looking for– blogs, podcasts, webinars, live events, and whatnot– curated by over 500 of the world’s best sales experts. To add to this, their community discussion forum gives you the platform to air your feelings, seek advice, help out your own kin, and build everlasting bonds.

It isn’t 2013, so what are you waiting for? Join Sales Hacker already!

5. Pavilion (Revenue Collective)

Pavilion is a highly exclusive community built for the crème de la crème of the GTM world. While the sales community is a major part of Pavilion, there’s also space for Marketing, Customer Success, Operation and Finance cliques to come together and create a strong support network.


Apart from a horizon of opportunities, the choicest network and knowledge sharing, the best thing about Pavilion is its safe space. Pavilion, under confidentiality, holds space for its members to speak their mind.

So if you’re ready to be part of the sales cognoscenti, get applying!

6. Modern Sales Pros

This one is for pros only. If you’re a people manager in sales leadership/management, sales/revenue operations, sales enablement, or related disciplines, Modern Sales Pros is your best bet to be part of a community you can call home. The best part of it? It’s free to join!

It’s the ultimate sales community where pros come together to share and document their invaluable knowledge and high-level expertise that you won’t find anywhere else. Apart from the online community, Modern Sales Pros members get access to special in-person dinner events, happy hours, and meetups too.

Learn more about Modern Sales Pro here.

That brings us to the end of our list, but wait… there’s more! 

How to Leverage Sales Communities: Best Practices

Now that you know where sales’ high society hangs out, here’s what you’ll need to play the part:

Code of conduct

Now don’t go around actin’ all high and mighty the minute you set foot into a new sales community. Each community has a set of codes that you’ll have to follow, unless you’d like to get the boot. Be an earnest member that contributes to the community as much as you take from it.

Be consistent

Being consistent with your posts and interactions is key towards building a presence across communities. Don’t just post for the sake of posting, but do so to add value. Deal-winning insights, sales hacks, career mistakes/learnings, and other interesting experiences you’ve had on your journey, can go a long way within communities.

Be the messenger of good contentnews

Whether you come across a well-written article/essay, a worthwhile sales meme, or a relevant piece of sales news, be sure to share it across the sales communities that you’re a part of. 

Helping hands

When it comes to building your network within communities, nothing will take you as far as helping hands. If you have the answer to a question on a forum, do your best to reply to it. And by the end of it you’ll have earned yourself a few new corporate bros.

Seal the deal

Make sure you send out LinkedIn connection requests to the folks you’ve interacted with to ensure their impression of you will be a lasting one.

Sales Communities for the Win!

And there you have it. It’s now time to go claim your celebrity status and prepare for world domination. Who knows, you might be the next big thing on LinkedIn in a few months.

Vasisht Nagarkatti

Vasisht Nagarkatti

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