The Best LinkedIn Outreach Openers From My Inbox

Starting off on the right foot can take you a long way in the world of sales and LinkedIn outreach. Think of creative LinkedIn outreach openers as the key that unlocks the door to your next sales opportunity. If the grooves in the key don’t align with the pins of the door lock, you aren’t going to be able to enter.

Now think of the grooves in your ‘sales key’ as creativity, relatability, personalization and intrigue. Getting these ‘grooves’ to align with the reaction you seek to evoke from your recipients is like putting one foot in the door.

Salespeople put in a lot of effort trying to come up with the perfect opener for their LinkedIn outreach and everytime I come across a great one, I feel obliged to share it with my team. So as the year comes to a close, here’s an appreciation post for the best LinkedIn outreach openers that have landed in my inbox in 2020.

The 6 Best LinkedIn Outreach Openers From My Inbox in 2020

1. Generate intrigue by making it about them

LinkedIn Outreach Opener

Putting a person in the spotlight is something that might help you get them to reply fairly quickly. Asking someone to question you about your choice to target them is an extremely clever move. It makes it appear as though the question is begging to be answered and there’s a good chance that the decision maker will at the least want to hear you out. Cleverly devised questions are a great way of generating intrigue which can result in getting the response you desire.

2. A clever play on current trends

6 LinkedIn Outreach Openers

A clever play on current trends, in this instance COVID-19, can make your message more relatable and easier to consume. This should help you get a response from them or at least enable you to create a lasting impression. Follow this up by cutting straight to the chase and letting them know exactly what you’re offering. This will help you set yourself up for a positive response.

3. The nifty use of images/GIFs to drive your point

6 Best LinkedIn Outreach Openers

Adding GIFs, pictures, or memes to your opener will make your message more relatable and consumable for your recipient. Visual cues are a great way to capture a reader’s attention. Pair it with the right kind of humor (depending on the circumstance) and it’ll do a world of good to their first impression of you.

4. Bringing in the competitor angle

Letting a decision maker know that you’re already speaking to their competitors adds to the fear of missing out. Doing this can nudge a decision maker to want to learn more about your offering and why your competitors would be interested in the same. 

5. Harnessing the power of video

Top LinkedIn Outreach Openers

Create a compelling video about your product and pair it with a message that generates intrigue. There’s a good chance that your recipient is going to watch the vid eo more often than not if you can build up the suspense needed to get them to watch it. Videos are a great way to create a lasting impression, especially if you do it right.

6. A complement about something they recently did/achieved

Best LinkedIn Outreach Openers

Scour your recipients LinkedIn profile for a recent achievement, event or other value additions that they can relate to and compliment them about the same. You can sneak in something about what you want from the conversation too. This will help you get a response from them, even if it’s as simple as a thank you reply. 

Hyper-personalized LinkedIn Outreach Openers

A buying intent-powered sales intelligence tool like Slintel will help you create inch-perfect LinkedIn outreach openers by equipping you with all you ever need to know about your target decision makers. From the technology stacks they use, to thematic intent data that will help you address all their pain points and everything in between, you can devise hyper-personalized messaging that turns nos into yeses.

You can also check out this super insightful LinkedIn prospecting guide to help scale your LinkedIn outreach process and boost your win rates.

I hope this article helped give you some idea about how you can create impactful messaging for your LinkedIn outreach openers. Here’s to starting the new year and new conversations with a bang!

Deepak Anchala

Deepak Anchala

Deepak is the Founder and CEO of Slintel. A graduate from IIT and IIM, he started his career in investment banking and later made his way into the technology world. He has spent most of his career in sales and marketing roles; first at Fortune 500 companies and later at Silicon Valley startups.