Leveraging Job Boards as an HR Tech company

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Last updated April 7, 2018

What are Job Boards?

A Job Board is a website which posts open positions by employers. Applications are accepted directly from the job board or are linked to the careers site of the employer. These can be government-run (free to use), be specific to a company, or be a public one where multiple companies can have their openings up. An important distinction to make here is that job boards are not job aggregation sites - they only post those jobs that have been given to them by companies. Job aggregation sites gather openings from across the web and hence act like a ‘job search engine’.

Why do companies use Job Boards?

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Job boards is that they can help streamline the application process. For this reason, companies choose to have job openings both on their careers page as well as across job boards. For eg, you’ll find job openings on both the careers site as well as Job Boards such as ZipRecruiter, Monster, Glassdoor, etc. Also, applicants through a Job Board are seen as active job seekers and are hence given immediate attention to by employers. This way, companies are able to build a pipeline of fresh talent using existing job openings.

Companies ensure that the Job Boards are linked with their Applicant Tracking Systems ( ATS customers report ) to ensure seamlessness in their hiring process. There are a number of Applicant Tracking Systems that double up as Job Boards (such as Greenhouse , iCIMS recruit, Jazz HR, Ultipro, etc) or have ways to directly push published jobs on to Job Boards.

Why is it important for HR Tech companies to integrate with Job Boards?


Any player in the HR space that directly deals with candidates or any aspect of the sourcing/onboarding process should consider integrating with Job Boards. Apart from Applicant Tracking Systems, many of the other players in the HR tech space such as Payroll systems, Assessment Platforms, Recruitment Marketplaces, Onboarding platforms, etc also integrate with Job Boards. Several staffing agencies with a tech platform do so as well. They do this to create an easy, streamlined workflow for their customers who use these Job Boards.

Why should Sales Reps in HR Tech companies target the customers of Job Boards?

A sales person selling an HR tech tool can leverage job boards by targeting their customers ( HRTech company increases demo rate by 11X ). This is an extremely effective strategy since companies like to work with tools that already have integrations with the job boards they use. Hence, not only does the HR tech company create a highly-targeted pipeline of prospects for itself, but also leverages the integrations it already has.

Let’s say a talent assessment platform integrates with a job board such as Glassdoor because one of its top customers needed the integration. It can now leverage this by listing down all companies that use Glassdoor as a Job Board and targeting them as potential prospects. The sell will be easier since the integration is already in place. If the assessment platform finds that this strategy is working well for customer acquisition, it can be proactive and create more integrations to open up further customer segments.

Knowing which Job Board a prospect uses can be a great way to target them. An HR Tech company can understand the tools its prospect uses - including Job Boards - to create an outreach strategy that is highly targeted and gets conversions.