Lever Customer Teardown

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Last updated January 12, 2019

Lever was founded in 2012 in San Francisco, and has since gone on to become one of the market-leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) providers. With more than $70 million funding already achieved and an advisory board featuring several luminaries of the technology industry, Lever is set to swiftly establish itself as the best ATS in the market.

Lever provides a comprehensive and collaborative platform that can easily be integrated with the existing IT infrastructure and full-stack HR systems. Their platform allows users to nurture recommendations and referrals, easily tap into data to get process-critical insights, and streamline the entire hiring process so as to find the best candidates in the minimal time.

If your product integrates or competes with Lever, then you may be looking to gain a better understanding of Lever's customer base and contract renewals. This knowledge would empower you to pinpoint the ideal time to approach potential leads.

You can find all the technology insights about Lever on Slintel. We provide comprehensive technographics to give you a clear picture of the existing IT systems employed by companies across the world. This includes information on the technologies that are being used by businesses for critical functions such as Marketing, Human Resources (HR), Finance, Accounting, Customer Management, and Sales. 

The Lever Customer Teardown

The Lever customer landscape is primarily spread across the United States, Europe, and South-East Asia. Our data shows that it is preferred by small to mid-sized companies who have medium level funding. Slintel currently has data on over 2,225 companies using Lever as their ATS. 

These Lever customers are spread across sectors such as Consulting, Biotechnology, E-commerce, Accounting, Electronics, Advertising, Logistics, Real Estate and more.

Some of the more prominent names on the Lever users list are-

  • Tata Group: Tata Group is an international conglomerate that owns and operates companies in steel, hydro-power, hospitality, and airline industries.
  • Movimento Group: Movimento provides vehicle software lifecycle management solutions.
  • Zoom: Zoom helps businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a frictionless environment to get more done.
  • Swiggy: Swiggy designs an on-demand food delivery platform that brings food from neighborhood restaurants directly to users' doors.
  • Sai Global: SAI Global is a recognized leading provider of integrated risk management solutions, assurance, and property services.
  • Ninja Van: Ninja Van specializes in next day deliveries for e-commerce companies.

Three new clients have also switched to Lever this past month. An online magazine for professional web designers: Smashing Magazine, A fun startup job board filled with emoji and love: Unicorn Hunt, and an online web design community, CSS Tricks.

As far as contract renewals are concerned, Lever has about 18 renewals that are due at the end of Quarter 1 2020. The companies due for renewals include the likes of Bootstrap Labs, Pipedrive, Techmeme, Silicon Florist. 


Who is Lever Competing with?

The ATS space is currently very competitive, with several similarly sized companies looking to capture the market. While the more established companies have taken a huge chunk of the available customers, the growth of small and mid-sized companies has opened up an agile new customer base to start-ups like Lever.

Two of the most well-known and widely used technologies in this sector are Taleo and iCIMS. Slintel has information of over 7,500 clients each for both of these companies, a list consisting of multiple Fortune 500 companies and billion-dollar brands. We also have data on more than 5,100 users of Workday Recruiting, another market leader in this segment.

The Lever target audience looks to be more along with the range of mid-sized companies. Our data shows that most of the companies in the Lever portfolio fall under the 1 billion valuation mark.

This is where it is in competition with the likes of Bamboo HR, Workable and TAM, all of who offer ATS products with functionality and pricing comparable to that of Lever. We have information on more than 4,200 customers for each of these three companies. Slintel also has the list of customers using Applicant Pro and Greenhouse, with our data showing more than 2,000 clients for each.

Slintel makes it much easier to breakdown how the competition in the sector is panning out. As we have information on adoption, renewals and customer movements, we can paint a clearer picture of movements in the market, gains, and losses. Our data shows that the top companies that are losing clients to Lever are Workable, Breezy HR, Jobvite, Taleo, Recruiterbox and Greenhouse. 

How Technographics Helps You Understand the Applicant Tracking System Landscape Better


The data that Slintel has on Lever is just the tip of the iceberg. Our information on technology products and the companies using them is comprehensive and covers almost all of the ATS landscape. This means that we can provide valuable technology insights on contract renewal rates, client attrition, customer adoption, and more.

If you belong to a company that has a stake in the ATS and HR technology landscape, then this knowledge will prove invaluable for all of your sales and marketing related activities. This kind of industry knowledge lets you streamline your entire sales process and efficiently reach out to the most potential customers, the ones who are very likely to try your product offering.

To get more details on Lever's customers and 220 other Applicant tracking systems we track, sign up for a free trial here.