Last Month in Tech – November ‘21

Last Month in Tech - Nov '21

‘Tis the season to be jolly and push all your major work deliverables to EOD (end of December)!

Big things happened in the previous month, one of which was Squid Games crypto crashing to $0.0035 from four-digit percentage gains—in all of 5 mins!

Sending more of such big things from the tech world your way in 3…2…1…

Funding & IPOs

? Merge raises $15M Series A for its B2B integrations platform The average B2B company needs to integrate with dozens of vendors—and those integrations can often be brittle. Merge offers them a unified API that can then power all of these user-facing experiences.

? Zepto, a 10-minute grocery delivery app in India, raises $60 Million. Look what craving Nutella at 3 am has done for the tech world globally!

? Walmart acquires design tool Botmock as it invests in shopping by voice and text.

? Fellow raises $24M; wants you to enjoy going to meetings again! Features include agenda templates, action item identification, analytics for insights into how often people are meeting, and integrations with virtual meeting software for note-taking

From the World of Technology

?Netflix games for Android Netflix announced its debut lineup of exclusive mobile games that were rolled out to all members globally on Android devices in the first week of November.

? Zoom is piloting ads for free users Zoom is introducing a pilot advertising program that will show ads to users on its “Basic” free tier. The company says the ads will support investments and enable it to continue providing its platform to free users.

? Loop, a new MS Office app built for collaborative work: A Notion-like tool by Microsoft, Loop takes the company’s Fluid Framework vision one step further.

Crash Course Corner

? [Ebook] Technographics: The Complete Guide To Understanding & Using Technographic Data: What’s all the fuss about, and why should you know about the ins and outs of technographic insights? Read this in-depth guide to learn more about how technographics can change the way your business generates revenue.

? [Ebook] The 10-Minute Sales Call Checklist: 10 minutes can change a lot! Here’s a handy checklist on what you should be doing right before your sales calls to improve your chances of earning your prospect’s trust and winning the deal.

? [Ebook] Building a Star Sales Development Team in 150 Days: Read what veteran sales manager Anupreet Singh has to say in this comprehensive guide on why you need a Sales Development team for your organization and how you can build one in 150 days.

How To Actually Make Meetings Suck Less

Before, when we were all in-person, no one brought any devices into a meeting, and now every meeting is on a device, which has opened up the landscape. It’s crazy to think that people haven’t built software for meetings in the past, but now it makes sense to have a platform across the company to make sure all meetings are productive.

-Aydin Mirzaee, Co-founder & CEO at Fellow

Slintel’s own technographic data for this industry indicates: 

  • As many as 16654 companies added to their tech stack recently.
  • 36 companies showed up for call recording (including crazy call, Atmos, PhoneWagon)
  • 22 companies added a call tracking software like Ruler Analytics, Ninja Cat, Orum
  • 52 companies got added recently in the meetings section alone. Drum, JiffleNow, Beenote, HighFive—the list goes on and on.

If a fancy tech stack could fix unproductive meetings, U.S. companies would be able to save $37 BILLION annually.

But as you scale & add members to your team, decisions take longer. The amount of time they take is what we call the scale tax. The better the meeting, the smaller the scale tax
Documentation, better planning, choosing the right kinds, and following the right format really can make them suck less.

The 3 main kinds of meetings are: 

  • The 1:1s — Alignment and Connection
  • Staff Meetings — Tone-setting, Planning & Debate
  • Tapestry Meetings — Culture Building

To read more about this, click here.

Editor’s Picks

Really cool recommendations – cool tools, podcasts, and everything else!

? This podcast episode I loved Build Cool Sh*t with Dan McGaw, The Marketing Millennials. Coined as one of the original growth hackers, he explains his framework on how to build a cool product from his experience leading numerous teams including and

? Should This Meeting Be an Email? A Handy Flowchart to Help You Decide. Research tells that employees rarely decline a meeting invite, no matter how irrelevant the meeting may be for them. This is the 5-min read you needed to make sure you’re not setting up that next meeting to fail. 

Meme Corner

From The Slintelegraph

Freshly baked blog posts, webinar snippets, trending on social, and crazy giveaways.

[Blog]The Sales Flywheel: Why The Funnel Is So 2010

B2B sales funnels centered around the notion of selling cycles are of the era bygone. Unlike the vast disparity among B2B selling cycles across industries and their general unpredictability, B2B buying cycles are way more consistent and foreseeable. 

[Template] 5 Lead Qualification Templates to Make Your Life Easier]

Sales prospecting makes the best of salespeople nervous. The pressure of approaching leads and prospects with the right criteria and asking all the right questions to steer the conversation in the right direction is always high. A hundred things could go wrong, and we’re gonna laugh at each one of them today. 

? [Blog] “High Purchase Intent”: How Do You Determine It?

“On average, my SDRs used to get me around 20 to 30 contacts a day, but now the speed of getting contacts per day is approximately 100. My sales team spends more time analyzing the personas than just finding emails and phone numbers; Slintel does it for them now”.

[Webinar] Rambling Sessions #14 on December 16th, 2021

Has the holiday season taken over your willingness to work, but you also have to deal with the pressure of presenting your Q1 2022 plans?

Well, we’ve got you covered! 

Join us on 16th December, 2021 at 10:00 AM ET, as our Director of Sales Anupreet Singh gets Marcus A Chan—a star Sales Coach, and Cynthia Barnes—Keynote Speaker and Sales Influencer, get together to discuss all about using the last few days of 2021 to prepare for a successful 2022. You’ll learn about:

  • Establishing a clear roadmap for 2022
  • Setting the right priorities for yourself as well as your team
  • Tips to start the new year on the right foot

We’ll be sharing further details on our blog soon.

Wrapping Up

That’s all from November! We hope this tech roundup has helped you catch up with all the unmissable highlights. Don’t forget to lose yourself on our blog. We write some cool stuff, regularly!

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