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Last updated March 7, 2019

Designed while keeping in mind the modern day hiring officials, JobDiva allows employers to find ideal candidates in organizations with the help of smart filters, and assures companies to always recruit the most technically and culturally fit candidates, while saving approximately 70% of the recruiters' time by filtering potential characteristics from the received resumes. Apart from recruitment, JobDiva also offers an effective talent management portal, where managers can analyze crucial business operations, giving information on the top performing professionals, those that need to be put in an improvement program and even those that needs to be replaced. It also comes with a mobile app with a built-in finance system, email clients, CRM and other features making it one of the most feature-rich applications for human resource management. 


By the time this article was written, JobDiva had 610 customers using their platform, with no new recent additions or exclusions. Below, you will find some of the most relevant customers of JobDiva, don't forget that you can find many more by using Slintel.

• Infinite Computer Solutions

Headquartered in Rockville, United States, Infinite Computer Solutions builds on industrial frameworks (proprietary) which drastically reduce cost and work time.

• MSX International

It's a global provider of business, engineering and staffing services based out of Michigan, United States. It uses JobDiva for applicant tracking purposes.

• Nityo Infotech Services Private Limited

An international management consulting firm, it specializes in tech and outsourcing services. It is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

• NextGen Technologies Inc

Headquartered in San Jose, California, NextGen Technologies Inc is a software company that offers specialized services in CMS, eCommerce solutions, social media integrations and more.

• Jooves Herbal Care India Limited

One of the indigenous companies in India, Jooves offers ayurvedic and herbal beauty product for its consumers. It is based out of Noida, India.

• Mindteck

An international tech firm from Bengaluru, India, Mindteck specializes in delivering knowledge that help companies innovate, compete and ultimately grow in the market.

• TalentBurst

As the name suggests, TalentBurst is a recruitment and staffing company that offers managed services and vendor management facilities as well.

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JobDiva Vs. The Market

Slintel’s extensive dashboard also gives you a complete picture of where JobDiva stands in the market. One of the differentiating factors of Slintel is that it does not take just one parameter to show a company’s market presence, instead, it takes into consideration several parameters that are crucial in determining the performance and scale of an organization. For instance, the following information would help you understand better.

JobDiva Vs. Competition In Terms of Website Count

Website count is the number of websites JobDiva has under its wings. According to Slintel's data, JobDiva has 610 websites currently. Similar vendors like Haufe Umantis Application Management (659), Google Hire (698), Health Career Source (709) and Silkroad (598) also are closing with a similar number of customers as JobDiva and representing competition for Market Share on the same tier. 

JobDiva Vs. Top 4

Even though JobDiva has a specific niche competition, it also faces fierce competition from other market players who are the most representative forces in the market, like Taleo, iCIMS, BambooHR and Workable. The website count of Taleo is 6.132 followed by iCIMS, BambooHR and Workable with 6.107, 3.446, and 3.200 websites respectively.

Website Additions

The dashboard also gives you information on the number of websites added this month and the competition analysis of it as well. While JobDiva attracted just no website additions this month, iCIMS attracted 18 new websites, Taleo attracted 13 and Infor and Greenhouse fetched 6 each.

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Market Share

Like the data already revealed that the category share of JobDiva is relatively small when compared to the players in the market. To project its place in numbers, JobDiva has a market share of 0.9%, that is way smaller than Taleo that has a market share of 7.8%. While other competitors, like iCIMS have 7.4%, BambooHR with 4.9% and Workable with 4.7%.

While shedding light on market share, it also becomes important to state the number of countries JobDiva operates in. The United States of America appears to be the primary patron of the application with over 103 companies using it. This is followed by countries like Canada with 4 companies, India with 4 businesses and the United Kingdom with 2 companies.

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