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Last updated January 31, 2019

Founded in 2009 in Pennsylvania, USA, JazzHR has since established itself as a leading technology provider for small to medium-sized companies across the world. Its ATS product helps to automate repetitive tasks and reduce the need for spreadsheets and paperwork, allowing the customer to create custom workflows, automate e-mail messaging, and view candidate activity in real-time. At the beginning of 2018, JazzHR celebrated closing their 4,000th customer and also announced an astounding year-over-year business growth of 300% compared to 2017. 

The press release stated that, "In 2017, JazzHR's new business increased 300% from the previous year, with existing customer contracts renewing at a 95% rate."

This kind of rapid growth has helped the company establish itself as a key technology provider for the HR function. It is essential to study the JazzHR customer landscape for anyone who is interested in understanding the ATS landscape and the context where JazzHR is inserted. Whether it's a company or a professional in the field, a thorough knowledge of JazzHR customers, customer movements, renewals, attrition, and competitors​​ can be helpful to comprehend this landscape and to obtain more qualified leads on your sales process. ​​​​​Slintel can provide you with all this information and more. We are a comprehensive repository of all the technology insights that a modern company needs to succeed in any market.

Key Customers

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Slintel tracks over 2,800 companies that are currently using JazzHR. These companies are spread across multiple sectors such as Health Care, Advertising, Consulting, Real Estate, Media, Publishing, Agriculture, Travel, Bio-Technology, Hospitality, Government and Banking.

The majority of their customer base is in the United States and Europe, but JazzHR has also penetrated the Latin American and South Asian markets. Some of the major names in the JazzHR customer list are:

  • Tsogosun Hotels

One of the premier hospitality chains in South Africa, Tsogosun Group was founded in 1969 and has hotels in South Africa, Kenya, Seychelles, Tanzania, and Zambia.

  • Questar Assessment

Headquartered in Apple Valley, Minnesota, Questar Assessment Inc. is an educational management group that creates measurement and assessment tools for online tests.

  • Columbia University

JazzHR is the HR software used by the Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program for second-year Columbia Business School students.

  • Ukrop's Food Group

Ukrop's operates a central bakery and kitchen producing baked goods and prepared meals, the American company has over 5,000 employees.

  • Securitas

Securitas AB is a security service company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. They have over 300,000 employees spread over 53 countries across the world.

  • Opportunity International

A non-profit organization working to end global poverty, Opportunity works with 47 program and support partners in 20 countries to provide financial security to over 14 million people in developing countries.

These are a few of the high ticket clients who utilize JazzHR for their ATS requirements. Some of the other big names on the list are Cardone Industries, Luke & Associates, Boston Globe Media, London Borough of Hackney, Hensley Beverage Company, Warid Telecom, and Towerjazz. Four new companies have also been listed as a JazzHR client recently: Paragon Development Systems, NanoPay, eGenesis, and McIntire Solutions. But at the same time, three companies have dropped JazzHR as well. As far as JazzHR renewals are concerned, the moths of June and July 2019 will see contract renewal discussions begin with seven of their customers. There are also 4 customers who are up for renewal in the month of September.

Major Competitors

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Two of the biggest technology providers in the ATS market are Taleo and iCIMS. They are the standard bearers of the industry and the preferred partners of the best companies in the world. Slintel has over 4,500 customers listed for both. There are a number of up-and-coming companies who are fighting it out just one rung below the big two. This is where we can find the major competitors of JazzHR. Some of the names to watch out for in this section are Bamboo HR, Workable, ApplicantPro, Greenhouse and Lever. Slintel has close to 3,000 users listed for Bamboo HR and Workable, while it also has more than 1,500 users for ApplicantPro and Greenhouse, and 1,200+ users for Lever. 

This is reflected in the adoption and attrition trends of JazzHR users. Companies who have dropped JazzHR are mostly moving to Bamboo HR (22.22%), Google Hire (11.1%), Greenhouse (11.11%), Lever (11.1%), and Taleo (11.1%). On the other hand, most of the companies who are signing with JazzHR are coming in from Taleo, iCIMS, Google Hire and SmartSearch.

Based on Slintel's database, JazzHR is well settled in the ATS market and looks to be on an upward trajectory. More clients are likely to opt for JazzHR in the future, but it faces some stiff competition in the quest to acquire them.

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