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I received an email a week ago. Here’s what the subject line read:

ANUPREET SINGH, are you looking to buy lists from us?

No. No, I’m not, and my name printed in block letters is a dead giveaway that you’ve sent this email to some 10,000 other people as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong. BDRs need to get their bread, and I know they have to play the numbers game to do that. But does their outreach have to be so low-effort?

If you’re on the receiving end of this torture, I empathize with you. But if you’re the one tasked with drafting messages like these, we need to talk.

There are easy ways to elevate your outreach game to the next level. And that journey might just start with you checking out Better Outreach 👀

Meet Better Outreach

Better Outreach is an ever-growing repository of cold sales emails and outreach messages that helps professionals find inspiration to build the perfect outreach campaign. 

It’s a known fact that B2B sales are a fiercely competitive space, with hundreds of companies trying to sell what they believe is the most “robust” and the “leading” product in the industry. While communication happens to play an important role between the seller and buyer, it gets more and more difficult to make your voice heard amidst all the noise. 

When that happens, well-written emails, well-timed cold calls, and well-structured messaging become table stakes.

Better Outreach is a gold mine of such proven and efficacious sales messaging that sales folks from the B2B sales community can draw inspiration from for drafting response-worthy copies.

Why Better Outreach?

Find inspiration: Learn from leading sales teams from across the globe who are solving the same problems that you face when it comes to outreach campaigns. Choose from our meticulously curated feed of outreach messages and say goodbye to reinventing the (cold outreach) wheel!

Get access to ready-made templates: What’s better than inspiration? Ready-to-use templates, of course! Choose from the many options of email and LinkedIn messages available and add the chosen ones to your clipboard at the press of a button. 

Contribute your own messages: It’s an open library, and everyone’s welcome to contribute! Submit your own best-performing messages and get featured on Better Outreach. 

No hidden charges: Better Outreach will always remain a free resource, period. Our aim is to share the best messages that sales folks have ever written. Inspiration should not have a paywall, and that’s how Better Outreach will remain today and in the future.

What’s Next?

First and foremost, we want to thank you if you decide to check out and use Better Outreach. Here are some of the things that are in the pipe for v2 of Better Outreach:

  1. Email Sequence Templates: We aren’t stopping at just messages! Even though our cold email templates list will continue to grow over time, we are also looking at helping out the sales and BDR communities by building out repurposable email sequences that you can use in your own workflow.
  2. Outreach Campaign Teardowns & More Resources: We’ll be diving deep into the best outreach campaigns from the SaaS and B2B sales industry over the next few months. In addition to that, we also want to add more supporting articles and conduct a couple of webinars with expert panels.
  3. Bloopers: Let’s be honest—we’ve all written some terrible emails that must never be spoken of. If you’re brave enough to bare it, send it to us and we’ll feature it in our blooper section. A bit of laughter won’t hurt anyone!

Better Outreach is now live on Product Hunt. Go on, take it for a spin!

Better Outreach - A collection of the best cold email templates ever sent | Product Hunt

And we love to hear from our audience, so if you have any feedback for us, please write to us! 🙂

Anupreet Singh

Anupreet Singh

Anupreet Lamba is currently leading Sales at Slintel, a SaaS Sales Intelligence platform. He has set up sales teams and functions from scratch for various companies and firmly believes that the initial revenue target is achieved only when the entire organization works with the grit to support them.

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