The Inside Sales Tools Landscape

Inside Sales tools that can automate multiple aspects of lead management are high on the wish list of several B2B companies across the world. Companies want tools that can help their inside sales team know more about their leads, make better-informed decisions, and accelerate the customer acquisition process.

This has lead to the rise of several technology products that help sales teams get better lead intelligence in order to manage them effectively and generate more leads faster. These technologies offer a diverse range of features from lead discovery to enrichment, reporting, and analytics.

Let’s take a look at what our data has to show you about the Inside Sales Tool Landscape and the movers and shakers in this particular market.

Market-Leading Inside Sales Tools

Market leading inside sales tools

#1 SalesForce CRM

SalesForce is a market leader in sales intelligence and boasts of an expansive client list. Slintel currently has information on more than 57,000 of its customers. These customers are spread across various sectors such as Education, Manufacturing, Energy, Aerospace, Healthcare, Banking, Real Estate, Transport, Logistics, E-commerce, and many more.

Almost 20% of SalesForce customers are based in the US, while our data shows that their product has been widely adopted in South Asia, Europe and Latin America as well. The SalesForce customer list include the likes of Cathay Pacific, Reuters, Apollo Education Group, Adani Realty, Magazine Luiza and Microchip Technology.

#2 Radius

Radius is a name that has been making huge waves in the sales and marketing sector. It has established itself as a pioneer in the B2B marketing section. Radius is very popular among small and mid-size companies.

We have technographics data on over 1,600 of their customers. Some of the notable names on the list include Augusta University, Harry & David, Belkin, Atradius, Hubspot, and University of Houston, Clear Lake.

#3 Callpage

CallPage is an ICT Software as a Service (SaaS) company that enables its customers to convert web-visitors into sales calls by providing immediate responses from company reps through a customizable button and widget.

We currently track more than 1,500 of their users, most of which are small to mid-size companies.

#4 Freshsales

An offshoot of Freshworks, Freshsales aims to be a complete customer management solution that offers a 360 degree suite of functions. It can integrate both phone and e-mail and can also be used for user behavior tracking and lead scoring.

It is being rapidly adopted by startups and small-scale businesses. We currently have data on more than 2,400 of their core customers. Some of their notable clients are Sify, Srinsoft, Solucionesorion, Moschip, and Calavo.

We also have data and information on two other popular Inside Sales tools- Pipedrive and Ringio, with more than 300 customers listed for both.

The Inside Story of Inside Sales

Our data shows us that customer movement within the Inside Sales space is not very frequent, as the trends indicate that clients usually prefer to stick to one tool over a period of time. Companies like SalesForce have consolidated a large proportion of the market, but this may well imply that there is room for the right product to make a huge impact.

As per our records, the number of companies that have adopted technology exclusively for Inside sales is lower than those who are utilizing a multi-function platform. In other words, companies seem to prefer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that can handle multiple functions, from inside sales to sales forecasting, sales enabling, and automation.

However, many companies are leaning towards establishing a more independent Inside Sales team, especially companies that are in the B2B and high-ticket B2C spaces. This leaves the market open for a technology that can help companies maintain a cost-effective and efficient Inside Sales model. 

If you have a tech offering that is looking to penetrate this space, then the right Technographics can help you go a long way in establishing yourself in the market. Slintel provides reliable data on customer retention, attrition, contract renewals, and adoption rates for over 50 technologies in the Inside Sales market. This can help your company gather better intelligence to drive your sales and marketing teams to tap into the right leads at the right time.

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Deepak Anchala

Deepak Anchala

Deepak is the Founder and CEO of Slintel. A graduate from IIT and IIM, he started his career in investment banking and later made his way into the technology world. He has spent most of his career in sales and marketing roles; first at Fortune 500 companies and later at Silicon Valley startups.

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