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Last updated December 6, 2018

Know the Technology behind Human Resources!

In today's world, employees are an organization's greatest asset. Organizations need to have the right technologies to handle their human resource functions effectively.  Today companies of all sizes from startups to large multinational companies are looking to invest in the right HR technology stack to ensure that they're optimizing their workforce.

Innovations happening right now in HR space are powered by trending technologies like machine learning, data analytics, and big data. By powering automation to deliver efficient data crunching, companies are looking to make their HR functions more efficient. All functions in HR including onboarding, time management, off-boarding are all seeing a sea change in the technologies used.

The Biggest Players in the Market

Companies today have dedicated HR technologies that cover everything from recruitment to performance management and even payment. There are numerous tools and technologies out there in the market today, that vary significantly when it comes to pricing, function, and domain. An understanding of the underlying technology landscapes is essential for sales prospecting and marketing teams trying to penetrate this market.

Slintel is your one-stop shop for tracking technology trends in the market. We keep tabs on companies and their users for a variety of HR functions like:

  • Talent Management

    Talent management involves accurately predicting attrition and being prepared to recruit accordingly. This gives decision-makers the right insight when it comes to human resource planning and also significantly impacts the company's long-term strategy.

    One of the top tools in this field is Oracle Taleo Business Edition (TBE) Cloud Service. We have data for nearly 3,000 users of TBE, most of whom are small to mid-size companies. We also have information of 2,600+ users of Sage Business Cloud People.
  • Absence Leave Management

    Leave and absence management are essential HR functions which helps keep track of employee productivity. We have the data of around 2,500 users of one of the biggest technology innovators in this domain- TimeOut. Their clientele includes South Eastern Railways, University College London Hospitals, Mandarin Oriental, and more. Another big name in Absence Leave Management is the American up-and-comer Namely. We have information of more than 1,300 of their clients.
  • Performance Management

    Performance Management is another field which is slowly being transformed with the help of technology. The right tech makes it easier to maximize resource utilization and monitor the same. We have data for over 500 users of two of the biggest global players in this domain- Odoo and Halogen Performance.
  • Time Clock Attendance

    This domain goes over and above leave management in the sense that here the technology is primed to monitor employee sign-ins and sign-outs to help provide a more accurate picture of employee productivity.

    Ento is a big name in this field and we have the data for over 8,100 of their users. That is a list that includes some big names as Adobe, Audi, PayPal, Sykes and Magazine Luiza. We also have more than 2,400 users listed for TimeOut- a name that's already appeared on this list before. Another name to watch out for is SAPENTA, for whom we have 1,600+ users listed including Koninklijke DSM, Time magazine, Kerr Drug and FMC corporation.
  • Pay Roll and Benefits

    The most employee-centric function of the HR department is maintaining payroll and benefits. This is a field where technology has already come in to make revolutionary strides, drastically reducing margins for errors and enabling more accurate, data-driven payment and benefit roll out.

    OnPay is probably one of the biggest names out there in this domain. We have over 45,000 of their customers in our database, a list that includes stellar names such as Apple, Facebook, Ralph Lauren, Dell, Four Seasons, Tesla, Intel, Air Asia, and ICICI Prudential.

    We also have data on 7,700+ companies who use PeopleSoft Benefits, another market leader in this domain. Their clientele includes the likes of Amazon, Salesforce, Oracle, Harvard, HCL, Union Bank and Verizon. We also have nearly 5,000 users listed for ADP Run, who cater mostly to small and mid-sized companies.

Why Technology Matters?

Technographics helps you with industry knowledge and the know-how that you need to sell your product. It is not only essential for marketing and sales development, but also for developing the kind of industry expertise that can ultimately help your business thrive and help you become the kind of thought leader who can clearly delineate the advantage of your product.

Slintel is the best technographics and lead generation resource for sales prospecting and marketing teams. We provide you with accurate and real-time data about existing HR systems being used across the globe. We do the same for the other segments as well, including sales and marketing. Slintel has over 10,000 technologies listed and we see an average of 20,000+ changes every month.

Factor in technographics into your sales and marketing strategy today. Sign up for a free trial here.