[Quiz] Which Hollywood Salesperson Are You?

Ever seen your life as a salesperson as something straight out of a Hollywood movie? Well, here’s your chance to find your on-screen sales counterpart with this tiny quiz. A minute of your time is all you need and we promise you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this quiz. If you enjoyed it, we urge you to share your results on LinkedIn, tagging Slintel and 3 other nominees for the quiz using #quizoftheday.

Vasisht Nagarkatti

Vasisht Nagarkatti

Vasisht Nagarkatti handles content marketing at Slintel. A content ninja, Vasisht relishes any opportunity to get his creative juices flowing. Marketing, sales, journalism, music, photography, filmmaking and web design are a few trades that Vasisht may find himself dabbling in.

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