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Last updated December 19, 2018

Greenhouse has made a big name for itself in the HR Technology market since being founded in 2012. It has gone from strength to strength, growing from a start-up in New York to receiving Series D funding and being touted as one of the top companies in this space to likely to emerge as a unicorn.

Slintel, your one-stop shop for technology insights, has collected comprehensive customer insights for leading applicant tracking platforms. Greenhouse is one of the companies that we've kept a close eye on.

We have captured in-depth information on Greenhouse customer landscape which includes the list of companies that are using Greenhouse, how their adoption and attrition rates are on a monthly basis, and also when they are due for contract renewals. 

Some Big Names Using Greenhouse Technology

Greenhouse customers consist of small to mid-sized companies across the world, with most of their clients located in United States and Europe. Their customers are spread across diverse sectors such as advertising, leisure, music, hospitality, government, e-commerce, banking and many more.

Slintel currently has information for over 1,600 customers using Greenhouse. The big names on this list include- 

  • Aclara Technologies - A supplier of smart infrastructure solutions to the Government for water, gas and electric utilities, based out of Missouri, USA.
  • Air BNB - An emerging hospitality giant that facilitates renting and booking of rooms and hotels, it is headquartered in San Francisco.
  • Crocs - The famous manufacturer of adult and children's footwear that has seen brand value rise drastically in the past decade.
  • Cars - An online platform to buy, review and read about all the news related to the automobile industry, based in Chicago.
  • Ovo Energy - One of the biggest energy companies in the UK, providing gas and electricity to almost 700,000 customers.
  • Orion Health - A global healthcare software company based in Auckland, New Zealand that provides technology solutions for integration, population health management, precision medicine and more.
  • Townsquare Media - The third largest AM-FM operator in the United States, the company owns more than 320 radio stations.
  • Constant Contact - An online marketing company that provides tools for e-mail, social media and event marketing, based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

These are just some of the bigger companies that have opted for Greenhouse as their preferred HR technology partner. There are a number of other familiar names on the list, with many of them being priority targets for HR software companies that integrate or partner with Greenhouse.

Client Attrition and Retention

The Greenhouse customer list changes on a regular basis, with a lot of clients coming in from competitors such as Workable, Lever, Taleo, Bamboo HR and Google Hire. Conversely, some of Greenhouse's customers have moved to the likes of Workable, SAP Success Factors, iCIMS, Lever and Google Hire in the past.

One of the biggest companies that has signed with Greenhouse in the past month is the global footwear giant Crocs. In terms of brand visibility, it is up there with the best in the fashion industry and a customer acquisition of this level showcases Greenhouse's credentials as an emerging technology for top-tier companies. Other notable additions in the last month are electric utilities solutions company Smart Grid Solutions and New York based bespoke menswear company Knot Standard.

However, Greenhouse has lost as many customers in the past month as they have gained, though it is important to note that their losses have been much more low-profile names. Some of the businesses that have opted out are Wag Walking, a Los Angeles based dog-walking application, FinTech company Socure, and a software startup named Stitch Labs.

There are also a number of companies whose contract renewals are due in the coming quarter. These include a bunch of relatively well-known names such as War Gaming, Omaze, Leader U and Performics, as well as many early-stage start ups and small companies which could prove to be ideal targets for up and coming players in the ATS arena.

Where Does Greenhouse Stand with the Competition? 

Greenhouse is in close competition with the biggest companies in the ATS ecosystem. In terms of brand value, market size and revenue, it is still some way behind the top-tier technology companies.

The two biggest market leaders are Taleo and iCIMS, both of which have a solid reputation and client base for their ATS products. We have information on over 4,500 clients for each of them. Workable and Bamboo HR are two ATS providers who are in a much closer tussle with Greenhouse, as evidenced by the number of companies switching to and from these technologies. Slintel has a database of 2,900+ clients for both Bamboo HR and Workable.

Apart from these, we also have technographics intelligence on other fast growing companies in the sector such as Jazz HR, Applicant Pro and Workday Recruiting. The last being the one to watch out for, with a whopping 16 new clients added in the past month.

Overall, Greenhouse is an ideal use-case for startups who are looking to penetrate the market. They are relative new comers, but have garnered a strong support system and captured a significant section of the market.

Looking Ahead

Sales are marketing teams can curate much more meaningful campaigns with the aid of Technographics. A better understanding of customer movement, adoption and contract renewals helps you keep track on where the market itself stands and where it is moving towards, putting you in an advantageous position to seize potential opportunities.

Slintel offers you all the technographics insights you need in an easy-to-use platform. Sign up for here if you would like to learn more!