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Varsha Soni

Last updated September 3, 2019

Freshsales CRM :

Freshdesk was founded by Girish Mathrubootham in 2010 after reading a comment on HackerNews about a huge opening in the market for CRMs when Zendesk increased its prices from 60-300%. Customers were unhappy with Zendesk for this, and Girish realized that the market had a huge opening where someone could come in and take all of Zendesk's customers if the software was marketed at the right price.

Considering that he had the domain knowledge and that there was a big opportunity in the field, he decided to team up with his colleague from Zoho, Shan Krishnamurthy and started with a prototype in October 2010. They started doing well in 2012 and since then there has been no going back for them!

Story of why Freshsales was built : 

Once Freshdesk started doing well and their customers began to increase, Girish started looking for better ways for them to manage their contacts. He started looking for a CRM which could handle their growing sales and integrate their sign up forms in the CRM so that they could add leads automatically. 

During this search, he found out that only the high-end CRMs would be able to able to function properly with a growing list of contacts. Hence he just went with the most popular one in the market. This did not seem useful as they had to keep on adding features for marketing automation emails, an event analytics tool and integrated email tracking for the CRM to be completely functional for them. And every time they needed something new, they had to go and look for a different add-on or software which was building up the per-person cost.

Eventually, the sales reps became exhausted as they had started using about 4-5 tools apart from writing emails, manually entering details in the CRM, and email management. Hence, Girish decided that there had to be a better way to go about this and started working on the Freshsales software armed will all the information about the gaps in the current CRM. Freshsales is now a full-fledged CRM armed will all the tools needed in one plus more. 

Average User Review: 

According to user reviews, Pipedrive had limited capabilities and they weren't able to easily track customer journeys end-to-end and spot best leads. Salesforce was way too complex in addition to being expensive. With Freshsales, they found the right fit with the interface being straightforward and gaining deeper visibility into their sales pipeline.

Customers of Freshsales : 

Cannabiz Media: The Cannabiz Media License Database is the only CRM and verified source of leads for the cannabis industry. They help companies connect with cannabis and hemp license holders across the United States, Canada, and numerous international markets all in one powerful CRM. Coalmarch Productions is a digital agency offering marketing and team-management solutions to service-based businesses. The premier agency for lawn care, pest control companies, they help pest control, lawn care, and other home service companies get new customers and find & keep great employees.

Boon.Inc: Boon Inc. designs and manufactures children's toys, utensils, and furniture. The Company distributes its products through authorized retailers. GetAccept is a unique and innovative proposal tool where users are able to design their proposals and track and market them as well. With GetAccept, businesses are in control of their proposals, ensuring that they optimize their proposals and make them stand out from the competition and raise their sales.

Competitors and Freshsales :

Slintel keeps a track of 1000+ customers for Freshsales. They have had 3 additions and 6 deletions this month. Freshsales comes 16th in the 150 Lead management CRMs Slintel keeps a track of. Close competitors being SugarCRM and Pipedrive. Slintel is keeping track of about 6 customers who are up to be renewed in the April-July 2020 quarter. 

Further analysis shows that about 42% of Freshsales' customers have less than 10 employees. Most of them come from the small-medium business segment with over 48% of companies with less than 50 employees.

Freshsales owns about 0.7% of the market share in lead management CRMs, with Pardot owning a gigantic 29% market share and Infusionsoft coming second with 20.1% market share.

Slintel's Technographics for Freshsales is not limited only to their customer base. You will also find data on the IT infrastructure of all their clients, empowering your sales and marketing function to pinpoint their target market and approach their customers more effectively. You can signup for a Slintel's demo (no credit card required)!