How to Find Any Company’s Tech Stack: A Brief Guide

A standard company tech stack has various hardware, software, and cloud-based apps that are used across the board for various requirements. 

A question we get a lot in our discovery calls is, “How do you find out the technology stack of a company?”. Well, finding a company’s tech stack is not as easy as calling up the CEO and asking them what tools and software they use. It involves a lot of backend sweat, more than you can think about. You require a complete team to do this for your if you want to use company tech stack to identify potential buyers. And that is why, you have software like Slintel out in the market to find this information. 

What we will show you in this blog piece is how to find the tech stack of any company using JUST Slintel’s website, without having to spend a dime. 

Let’s say you want to find the technology stack of Pipedrive. Here’s how you’d have to go about it.

Step #1: Visit the Slintel Website

Go to our website, click on “Explore” and then “Companies”. The “Companies” page will open up.

slintel-predict your next customer

Step #2: Find Your Company

In the search box, type the name of the company you want to look for. In this case, “Pipedrive” and click on the relevant company name in the drop down menu. 

Company pages- slintel

The “Pipedrive” company page will open up. It should look something like this:

company pages Pipedrive slintel

Step #3: Find The Company’s Tech Stack

Scroll down, and you will see this screen.

technology stack- pipedrive, slintel

Here, you can see all that Pipedrive uses for which function. Click on any function you want to find the tech stack for, and click on “See all technologies”. 

technographics- Pipedrive, Slintel

From just 10 seconds of work, you found out Pipedrive uses:

  • Vidyard, Yieldbot,, FullStory, Optimizely, and Freshsales for Marketing. 
  • Sales Navigator, Livestorm, Clearbit, SalesforceIQ Inbox, and Salesfolk for Sales. 
  • CenterPoint Accounting, Recurly, and The CRE Suite for Finance and Accounting.

Isn’t that amazing? But, that’s not all. 

Step #4: Find the Company’s Customers

You can click on any technology under any category, and you can view up to 10 customers of each technology. Let’s say that you integrate with “Vidyard”, and see that Pipedrive uses it as well. Now you have an opening for better engagement with Pipedrive if you are prospecting them. What more, you can find other customers of Vidyard that you can reach you too. To find the customers for Vidyard:

  1. Click on “Vidyard” under Marketing.
Slintel company technology stack page
  1. This will take you to the “Vidyard” technology page of the website. You can see their current customers, market share customers added and dropped in the last month. 
Vidayrd- Technology Page
  1. Scroll down to see a list of customers for Vidyard. You can even select the individual customers, which will take you to their company page.
Vidyard- List of customers

And there you have it! In just a minute of two, you have the technology stack of Pipedrive, and a small, but relevant customer list for Vidyard as well. While you were able find all this data just using the website, imagine what you could do with our whole database at your disposal. 

What can’t you do?

Slintel helps you find your next buyer through technographics, deep dive into company and people profiles and better accuracy than others. Not just this, you can use Slintel to find customers for competing technologies, and the complete tech stack of any company that you are going after. A Slintel subscription is the best way to wade through the hordes of unorganized data to make way for categorized data with actual usage for your sales and marketing teams. Try out Slintel today. 

Varsha Soni

Varsha Soni

Varsha Soni manages Content Marketing and Media at Slintel. She is wildly passionate about writing and is a leader in building content targeted at Marketing & Sales specialists.

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