7 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Buy A Sales Intelligence Tool

You’ve heard multiple success stories about businesses using intent-powered Sales Intelligence tools to transform their fortunes. You’re probably in the process of finding a similar tool that will help your business incorporate data into its sales processes, obtain a ton of actionable insights on companies and leads, uncovering otherwise anonymous sales opportunities that would help you predict high-intent customers actively looking for a product/service like yours.

But all of this aside, there’s always two sides to a coin. No one really tells you why you don’t need a sales intelligence tool, do they? Well, this post intends to do exactly that, helping you make an informed decision before you follow suit and go out to buy a sales intelligence tool like every other company out there. Here’s a list of 7 reasons why Sales Intelligence tools shouldn’t be a choice for you.

7 Reasons You Don’t Really Need A Sales Intelligence Tool

1. You love manual work and cold calling

You dream about putting in the hours to find leads and dig up unsubstantial information about them, then go through hundreds of cold calls before you can get a yes. If that’s the case then sales intelligence tools that give you the ability to instantly reach out to high-intent leads that are actively looking for a solution like yours is certainly not the option for you. Nor is using the most comprehensive and actionable lead and company insights to transform your interactions with customers.

2. You don’t mind getting left behind by your competitors

You love seeing your competitors’ products selling like hot-cakes while you’re left wondering how they manage to do that. Take a closer look and there’s a good chance that an intent-powered sales intelligence tool is what drives their bustling sales numbers. But who needs that, right?

3. You don’t like seeing quality high-intent leads flowing through your pipeline

You’re extremely passionate about poor quality leads and can’t imagine a pipeline without them in it. You yearn for a barrage of unwarranted leads that eat up your time, resources and efforts. To you, high quality, high-intent leads serve no purpose much like sales intelligence tools.

4. You don’t want to personalize your demos, pitches and interactions with actionable insights

You enjoy going unprepared or underprepared for your interactions, demos and pitches. Knowing all you need to know about the customer and addressing all their questions and pain points before they even bring it up isn’t something that interests you. You’re repulsed by comprehensive personalized interactions that turn nos into yeses. Well, Sales intelligence tools most definitely aren’t for you. 

5. You love missing out on windows of opportunity

You hate capitalizing on short-lived windows of opportunity that can bring your business a sizable windfall. The ability to instantly uncover high-intent customers that are actively searching for a product or service like yours is not something that bothers you.

6. You love burdening your sales team with unnecessary work

You enjoy seeing your employees overworked with tasks that add no value to your business. Saving time is the least of your concerns as long as your team is bogged down with a ridiculous amount of work that could easily be automated using sales intelligence tools that would take your sales productivity and precision to a whole new level.

7. You don’t like staying up-to-date with what your competitors and customers are up to

Keeping a track of customers and competitors is way too redundant for you and your business because you love living in your own world. You don’t believe it’s necessary for your business to always be on its front foot, ready to capitalize on actionable competitor and customer insights that can help you compete with the best.

Sales Intelligence Tools, Maybe They’re Not For You?

If the above reasons are something you resonate with, we’re more than happy to tell you that sales intelligence is something that you absolutely shouldn’t even think of considering. Conversely, if the above reasons are something that you don’t or don’t want to resonate with, then intent-driven sales intelligence tools like Slintel are most definitely what you should be looking for.

Vasisht Nagarkatti

Vasisht Nagarkatti

Vasisht Nagarkatti handles content marketing at Slintel. A content ninja, Vasisht relishes any opportunity to get his creative juices flowing. Marketing, journalism, music, photography, filmmaking and web design are a few trades that Vasisht may find himself dabbling in.

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