9 Sales Chrome Extensions You NEED to Download Today

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While people might often look at just the number of deals you’ve won to evaluate your success as a salesperson, we know that there’s a whole lot of stuff that goes into it before you get there. 

And that’s why we’ve put together a list of Chrome extensions you can use to make your prospecting, note-taking, rapport-building, and sales automation so much easier.

Let us take a look at a few Chrome extensions for sales that can be a good addition to your toolkits.

#1 Vidyard

Like the rest of the world, sales is now a remote function. If you are looking to make your remote selling smooth like butter, then Vidyard Chrome extension is everything you need. 

A quick install and you can use it to record your screen or camera (or both!) directly inside Chrome. It even has the ability to personalize your videos.

But the best part is that you can even get notifications when your video is viewed by someone!

This image shows the different things you can achieve by using the Vidyard chrome extension.


#2 Crystal Knows

While it is easy to write an email to a friend or a family member because we know their personalities, it is however hard to do the same when working on outreach emails and messages for your leads. 

Well, the Crystal Chrome extension helps you write highly effective personalized outreach emails and messages. It does so by analyzing publicly available data of an individual and offers insights into their  personality, making it easier for you to work, communicate, and build relationships with your prospects.

This image describes a person named Trey and what his personality is like.


#3 Lead Finder by Slintel

If you are looking for a way to scale your prospecting game, then Lead Finder by Slintel is your best bet. 

Using this, you can: 

  1. Scale prospecting – You can identify email addresses and direct dials for multiple prospects without having to juggle multiple pages.
  2. Ramp up productivity – Say goodbye to manual data entry and say hello to exporting your prospects information to your CRM.
  3. Coverage and quality – Using our database, you can immediately identify email IDs and direct dials 250M+ contacts, 15M+ companies, and 40K+ technologies
This image shows how the Lead Finder chrome extension by Slintel looks like and how accurate the data is.


#4 Docsify

Docsify is an advanced email tracker for Gmail. This Chrome extension notifies you when your prospect opens your emails, tracks which attachments they download, which links they click, and more. This extension is essential for salespeople who need to know when their prospects are opening their emails.

This image shows the different things you can achieve by using the Docsify chrome extension.


#5 Calendly

Is there anyone in the sales world who doesn’t know about Calendly? Well, I hope not. 

But for those of you who are not aware, Calendly is your go-to Chrome extension for scheduling meetings effortlessly! It directly integrates with your calendar and supports workflows to save you even more time. 

With just the free account, you can ensure access to all the events you are a part of with just a few clicks, select and display what your available times are and more.

This image shows how easy it is to schedule meetings using Calendly.


#6 is a lightweight productivity suite that allows you to say goodbye to post-its and to do lists. This Chrome extension allows you to keep track of your conversations and tasks. You can set up alerts or schedule automatic follow-ups to ensure your conversations don’t slip through the cracks.

It even helps you identify and track when your prospects opened their emails or downloaded attachments, and it can also help you manage reminders in your Google calendars.

This image shows the different things you can achieve by using the chrome extension.


#7 Lempod 

The Lempod Chrome extension helps you boost views for your Linkedin Posts so you can reach a much wider audience with your content. It does this by connecting you with other LinkedIn Engagement Pods where other content creators and marketers support each other with mutual engagement.

This image indicates how Lempod's chrome extension can help boost your social media views and likes especially LinkedIn.


#8 Grammarly

Got a ton of writing that you do on a daily basis? Grammarly is your answer! It is an AI-powered writing assistant that checks your writing for spellings, grammar, style, and tone. This Chrome extension works on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere else you find yourself writing.

This image shows how Grammarly corrects what you write and provides alternate suggestions for the same.


#9 Linkbuddy

Linkbuddy is an automation tool for Gmail. It automatically turns your frequently used words into hyperlinks. You’ll be able to link back to your resources and other content without having to manually do it.

This Chrome extension is a must have for folks who require to reach out prospects or customers in a timely fashion. 

This image indicates how Linkbuddy can help you add links automatically and not manually


Final Thoughts

Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.

– Thomas Carlyle

We hope our list helps you cut down on the time you spend working on mundane tasks and allow you to focus on winning more deals! 

What are some of the Chrome extensions you use to make sales easier? Do let us know in the comments!

Shashank Chaudhary

Shashank Chaudhary

Shashank is a professional Marketer, aspiring writer, and an amateur chess player. He loves to talk about psychology, philosophy, and all things related to science and technology.

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